Don't Get Caught Underinsured: Why Motorcycle Insurance is Essential in a Dangerous World

Don’t Get Caught Underinsured: Why Motorcycle Insurance is Essential in a Dangerous World

It Can Happen to You – Motorcycle Insurance is Important to Protect You the Motorcyclist! 

As the chill of winter fades and the sun warms the Pittsburgh area streets, a familiar sight returns to our roads: motorcycles. For many, the arrival of riding season is a time of excitement and anticipation, a chance to embrace the freedom and exhilaration that comes with riding. But amid the thrill, riders face a sobering reality—the inherent vulnerability of motorcycle travel and the critical importance of proper insurance coverage.

The unfortunate reality for motorcyclists is that they are far more exposed than car and truck drivers, lacking the protective shell of a vehicle’s frame. This vulnerability is compounded by a worrying trend: many riders are underinsured, leaving themselves financially exposed in the event of an accident. 

The High Risk of Motorcycle Riding

Recent statistics paint a grim picture of the dangers faced by motorcyclists. In 2021, a staggering 6,084 motorcyclists were killed in crashes – the highest number ever recorded and a 21% increase since 2019. This marks the first time motorcycle deaths surpassed 6,000 annually. Just as disturbing is the fact that annual motorcyclist fatalities have consistently remained above 5,000 since 2015. These numbers underscore the immense vulnerability of motorcyclists – and the dangers only seem to be getting worse.

A significant factor in this heightened risk is the prevalence of distracted driving. In an age of smartphones and in-car technology, motorists are increasingly taking their eyes off the road, weaving between lanes, and failing to check their blind spots for motorcycles. For a motorcyclist, a moment of inattention from a driver can be catastrophic.

Moreover, when accidents do occur, motorcyclists are far more likely to suffer serious, life-altering injuries compared to car drivers. As we talked about earlier, without the protection of a vehicle’s frame, airbags, and seat belts, riders absorb the full force of an impact. Broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries—these are all too common outcomes of motorcycle crashes.

The Essential Coverages for Motorcyclists

With so much at stake, it is absolutely critical for motorcyclists to review their insurance and make sure they are properly covered as they get back out on the roads this spring. A comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy is made up of several key components, each designed to protect riders in different scenarios:

  • Liability Coverage: This is the backbone of any motorcycle insurance policy. It covers bodily injury and property damage that you, as the rider, may cause to others in an accident. Pennsylvania motorcyclists are required to carry a minimum of $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $5,000 for property damage. However, it is highly recommended that you carrier higher limits which will allow you to increase your underinsured/uninsured limits that will protect you and your family.  


  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Despite laws requiring insurance, many drivers still take to the roads without adequate coverage and if you are injured by an uninsured driver or underinsured driver you will be the one that suffers. If an uninsured or underinsured driver causes an accident and you have underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage this coverage ensures you can still receive compensation for your injuries and property damage. It is strongly recommended that you carry underinsured/uninsured coverage at higher limits and allow stacking to get access to the full coverage you are paying for to protect yourself from underinsured or uninsured motorists.  


  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage: These protect your investment in your motorcycle itself. Comprehensive coverage protects against non-accident-related damage, such as theft, vandalism, or weather events. Collision coverage pays for repairs to your bike if it’s damaged in an accident.


  • Additional Coverages: Policies can be customized with a range of optional coverages. Medical payments coverage can help with immediate medical bills after an accident, while roadside assistance can be a lifesaver if your bike breaks down. If you’ve invested in custom parts or accessories, specific coverage (commonly known as “riders”) can be added to protect these investments.

Don’t Be a Statistic – Protect Yourself Financially

Picture this nightmarish scenario: You’re out for a leisurely ride when an uninsured distracted driver, eyes glued to their phone, changes lanes without looking and collides with you. The impact throws you off your bike, resulting in serious injuries. You’re rushed to the hospital, facing a long road to recovery.

Now imagine facing this situation without adequate insurance. The medical bills start piling up, while your injuries prevent you from working and earning an income. You may need extensive rehabilitation, modifications to your home, or long-term care. Without proper coverage, these expenses can quickly spiral out of control.

This is the harsh reality that underinsured riders risk every time they take to the streets. Motorcycle insurance isn’t just about complying with the law—it’s about protecting your health, your livelihood, and your family’s financial future.

As you prepare for the riding season, make sure your insurance coverage is as robust as your passion for riding. Take the time to review your policy, consider increasing your coverage limits, and identify any gaps in your protection. 

Protect Your Right to Compensation if You are Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

Having proper insurance is crucial for motorcyclists in the event of an accident, but this is only part of the equation. If a motorcycle crash does occur, you will need strong legal counsel by your side advocating forcefully for your rights. Remember that insurance carriers are in business to make a profit, and without experienced legal representation, you may not end up with the full and fair compensation you deserve. 

At Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, our experienced attorneys are well-versed in the unique challenges faced by motorcyclists. We understand the complexities of motorcycle accident cases and the importance of comprehensive insurance coverage. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, our team is here to help. Call us today at 412-253-2925 or message us online for a free consultation and case assessment.