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Speeding drivers and motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists face countless threats on the road, many of which have been covered in detail on our blog. In this blog, we will take a closer look at speeding and the different reasons why this behavior is so dangerous, especially when it comes to motorcycle accidents. Sadly, many drivers Pittsburgh and other parts of Pennsylvania frequently go over the speed limit and show no regard for the safety of motorcyclists (or anyone else on the road, for that matter).

Sometimes, drivers reach excessive speeds, whether they are competing in an unlawful street race or they want to show off to someone else riding in the vehicle. In other instances, someone may drive over the speed limit because they want to get to work on time or simply do not pay attention to their behavior behind the wheel. Either way, speeding can make it more difficult for a driver to avoid a motorcyclist if they lose control of their vehicle and it may also make it harder for them to see motorcyclists on the road.

Have large truck crash injuries increased?

When someone is behind the wheel, they may encounter many different hazards and could find themselves in a traffic crash for various reasons. Some accidents are relatively minor, but others can bring extremely significant consequences. Large truck crashes are especially concerning due to the sheer size of semis and other factors, such as trucker fatigue and difficulty slowing a large truck down. Moreover, data shows that in recent years, the number of people who have sustained injuries in large truck crashes has gone up.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, large truck crashes which resulted in injuries increased by 62 percent between 2009 and 2015. During 2009, there were 60,000 large truck wrecks which resulted in an injury, the FMCSA reports. In 2015, however, 97,000 such accidents occurred. Worse, estimates suggest that 119,000 large truck crashes caused injuries during 2016.

Large truck wrecks at night

We have covered a number of topics related to truck accidents, from driver fatigue to poor maintenance. It is important to bear in mind that many other factors can play a role in the likelihood and severity of a large truck collision. For example, certain times of day may be more dangerous when it comes to traffic accidents involving large trucks. During the nighttime hours, a number of hazards may be present and an accident may be especially devastating due to low visibility and other factors.

At night, some large truck drivers may be especially tired. They may have been on the road for many hours and their body may be telling them that it is time to go to sleep, even though they have to work. Moreover, truckers and the drivers of smaller vehicles may have difficulty seeing the road and obstacles that lie ahead, which can increase the chances of a crash. At nighttime, there may be more drunk and drugged drivers on the road as well. All of these factors can increase the probability of a truck crash at night.

How can I safely share the road with commercial trucks?

Driving on Pittsburgh roads can be even more of a challenge when large commercial vehicles are present. While it’s up to truck drivers to ensure they’re operating their vehicles safely, there are steps you can take to lower the risk of accidents occurring. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers the following tips in this case.

Keep your distance

How does a car accident affect your insurance rates?

After getting into a motor vehicle accident, your first concern is probably getting medical assistance, if necessary. You also talk to the other driver to swap insurance information and call the auto shop to schedule repairs. Once you have done everything to handle the situation, you hopefully move on with no more to worry about.

However, one area you may wonder about now that you have taken care of higher priorities is the effect of a car accident on your insurance premiums. Will you have to pay more?

Phones and motorcycle accidents

Many people are addicted to their smartphones in the digital age, and this is especially concerning on the road. While many people realize how dangerous it is to drive a car or truck while using a phone, some people do not realize that phone use is very problematic when it comes to motorcycle accidents as well. Not only can a crash happen when someone operating a motorcycle uses his or her phone on the road, but an accident may also occur when a passenger is using a phone.

Someone riding with a motorcyclist may make a sudden move while using their phone, which could cause the motorcyclist to lose control. A passenger could become overly excited due to information they read on their phone, or they could drop their phone and make an abrupt movement that affects the other person's ability to safely operate the motorcycle. For example, a motorcycle may collide with a vehicle, another motorcycle, flip over or veer off of the road due to sudden movements. Someone using their phone while driving a car or a truck may also cause a motorcycle accident because they fail to see a motorcyclist while driving.

Inadequate truck maintenance and accidents

From fatigue to intoxication, large truck crashes happen for all sorts of reasons. Some factors, however, may not always receive as much attention even though they are a serious concern when it comes to traffic accidents. For example, inadequate truck maintenance is a major problem and has been linked to many fatal accidents over the years. In Pennsylvania, and states across the country, some trucking companies fail to inspect and maintain their trucks properly, and those responsible for a crash that causes the loss of life or debilitating injuries should be held accountable for innocent people whose lives have been turned upside down.

Inadequate truck maintenance takes many forms and can lead to all sorts of problems on the road. For example, a truck driver's brakes may fail while they are behind the wheel, endangering the safety of those riding in other vehicles and truck drivers as well. Many other examples of inadequate truck maintenance can be extremely dangerous on the roadway, such as deficient windshield wipers, tires that need to be replaced, problems with rearview mirrors and so on.

Study shows Pennsylvania drivers are third worst in country

Do you consider yourself a pretty good driver? A recent study from EverQuote, Inc., which is a company that links drivers with insurance agencies around the United States, revealed that Pennsylvania motorists have some of the worst driving habits in the country. 

The company logged nearly 800 million miles in 2017 to determine common driving habits. It ultimately revealed data related to speeding, smartphone usage and hard turning. Pennsylvania drivers need to take note because engaging in any of those behaviors greatly increases the odds of sustaining injuries from driving

When you are struck by an intoxicated motorcyclist

Whether you drive a small car, a truck, ride a motorcycle or bicycle or regularly go for a walk, the road can be dangerous. Not only do you have to watch out for large vehicles, but other types of vehicles such as motorcycles can be dangerous as well. Even if you are driving a very large vehicle, such as a semi truck, you could be seriously hurt and adversely impacted in other ways in the event that you collide with a motorcycle. Motorcycle wrecks happen for many reasons, but some are the result of a motorcyclist’s negligence, such as someone who is on the road while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

There are many reasons why people ride motorcycles while intoxicated, as with all other vehicles. For example, they may be returning home from a party, celebrating a holiday or simply forget that they drank alcohol and are over the legal limit. Regardless, an accident can be incredibly dangerous not only for the motorcyclist but those they collide with as well. For example, a motorcyclist may slam into a vehicle at high speeds, causing the driver to become injured. Or, a motorcyclist may collide with another motorcyclist, causing him or her to be thrown from their motorcycle, or ride off the road and hit a pedestrian.

Can social media activity affect my workers’ comp claim?

If you find yourself suffering from an injury that occurred on the job, you may want to watch what you say and do online, especially in regards to social media. Though you may be in the habit of spending a certain amount of time on Facebook, Instagram or some other platform, your actions could have an impact on your Pittsburgh workers’ compensation claim. 

You could be wondering what your social media activities have to do with your claim. Though you are off work in recovery, there is a growing number of fraudulent claims. Workers’ compensation examiners are taking a closer look at claims. To prevent complications with your claim, consider the following pointers on social media activity and workers’ compensation benefits

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