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The risk of a motorcycle crash during Labor Day

Labor Day weekend brings people together across the country, from family parties to events and other types of gatherings. Unfortunately, it can also bring an increased risk of traffic collisions, and this is especially concerning for motorcyclists. Many people enjoy riding their motorcycle during Labor Day and since this holiday marks the unofficial end of summer, motorcyclists in many areas want to spend some time on their motorcycle before the cooler fall weather sets in. Sadly, accidents occur too often on this holiday, completely putting an end to celebrations.

This risk of a motorcycle crash is especially concerning during Labor Day weekend for multiple reasons. First, the likelihood of an accident involving a drunk driver is especially high, since many people imbibe as part of their holiday celebrations. Aside from this risk, there may be fatigued drivers who have spent too much time on the road driving to or from a family’s house in another state. Furthermore, many areas see an increase in the amount of traffic on the road, which can lead to a motorcycle crash as well.

Do more motorcyclists ride drunk at night?

There are all sorts of motorcycle accident risk factors that motorcyclists and those driving any type of vehicle should be aware of—distractions, bad road conditions, etc. That said, the use of alcohol is especially concerning and has been responsible for many motorcycle accidents over the years. From the loss of life to injuries that permanently shatter a person’s life, drunk driving is a major concern. Whether you ride a motorcycle or have concerns about a loved one who is a motorcyclist, it may be helpful to review statistics on motorcycle wrecks, such as the prevalence of drunk riding at certain times of the day.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that according to statistics from 2015, motorcyclists who passed away in traffic wrecks at night were three times more likely to be riding under the influence of alcohol when compared to fatal motorcycle crashes that occurred during daylight hours. Obviously, the risk of getting on a motorcycle while over the legal limit poses a major threat at any time of day. However, motorcyclists should be mindful of these statistics and other drivers should watch out for motorcyclists at night, when it can be even more difficult to see them.

A new study links moderate drinking to brain changes

We are all subject to changes in our bodies associated with aging, but a new study indicates that moderate drinking may contribute to brain changes that include memory loss.

Could the results of this new research spell additional trouble for people who drink and drive?

Driving a delivery truck can be dangerous

Workers in various fields face many risks on a daily basis. For some, such as those whose job responsibilities mostly consist of driving, work can be particularly hazardous. Delivery truck drivers may become injured due to lifting heavy objects and repeatedly bending over for long periods of time. However, driving a delivery truck can be risky in and of itself. Sadly, many delivery truck drivers have sustained serious injuries and some have even passed away due to accidents that took place while they were behind the wheel.

If you are a delivery truck driver, you may be under very high levels of stress at certain points. Whether the summer temperatures are sweltering or you have had to work an unusually long and difficult day, driving a delivery truck can be particularly tough at times. Moreover, maneuvering through tight spaces and dealing with other drivers who may be driving erratically can make your job even more challenging.

Distracted driving and large truck collisions

Large truck crashes happen for many reasons, including fatigue, the use of alcohol and prescription medication as well as speeding. However, distracted driving is especially concerning and has resulted in many large truck wrecks over the years. When someone who is driving a large truck becomes distracted, they may put many lives in danger, including their own. Sadly, this behavior continues to occur far too frequently on roadways across the country.

Large truck drivers may be distracted by a number of diversions. Smartphones are a common source of distraction and some truckers use their phones to text, upload content to social networking sites, browse through social media, talk with friends and family members and so on. Changing the radio and eating food are other distractions and these distractions can be especially difficult for someone whose job responsibilities keep them behind the wheel for extended periods of time. After all, a truck driver may become bored or tired of spending so much time looking at the road and they may look for ways to keep themselves entertained behind the wheel.

Warm weather, motorcycle riders and safety concerns

In Pennsylvania, motorcycle owners bring their beloved bikes out as soon as the weather warms up. By summer, Harleys, Indians and Yamahas seem to be everywhere.

That makes safety a concern. Motorists must be watchful and always keep in mind that they share the road with motorcycle riders.

Mental trauma following a truck accident

The physical consequences of truck accidents can be incredibly difficult, whether someone suffers a severe laceration or a back or neck injury. However, many truck accident victims suffer brain injuries and these wrecks can also give rise to mental trauma that haunts victims in different ways. If you are struggling with any mental challenges after a collision that was caused by another driver’s careless behavior, you should stand up for your rights and know exactly which legal options you have.

Accidents can traumatize victims in different ways, whether someone is afraid of being involved in another crash in the future or they witnessed something traumatizing in the crash, such as the loss of a loved one’s life. Some people may not be able to drive ever again after a crash, which can be especially difficult for those whose job revolves around driving (taxi drivers, truckers, and so on). Mental trauma may interfere with any worker’s performance, cause a college student to become distracted and struggle in class, lead to sleep problems and affect victims in many other ways.

Don't count on the trucker seeing your car

Pennsylvania drivers should always do a quick head check in addition to looking in their mirrors before changing lanes, turning or merging. For truck drivers, though, simply looking may not be enough. The Truckers Report notes that a semi-truck's blind spots are so large, even a careful truck operator could miss a smaller vehicle in the tractor-trailer's path.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration points out that passenger vehicle drivers can reduce their chances of a collision with a large truck significantly by recognizing the blind spots and staying out of them. 

Distracted driving and addiction

Distracted driving is nothing new, but the increasing prevalence of smartphones has given drivers new ways to take their eyes off the road. While it seems easy enough to put the smartphone down until the driver reaches the destination, many people have developed addictions to technology. Compulsive smartphone use and the rise of nomophobia, the fear of not having a cellphone, makes it difficult for many people to stay safe when behind the wheel. 

Far too many car accidents occur on Pennsylvania roadways every day. That is why everyone needs to pitch in and understand how smartphones have affected people's brains. 

Prescription medication and motorcycle wrecks

Motorcyclists are involved in collisions for many reasons, from fog and heavy rain to distracted drivers and carelessness. However, prescription medication is particularly concerning and has been responsible for many motorcycle collisions in recent years. Not only do some motorcyclists find themselves in serious crashes as a result of their consumption of certain prescriptions, but some are also hit by drivers who are drowsy and unable to focus on the road because of prescription drugs.

From medications that are supposed to eliminate anxiety to pain killers, there are all sorts of different drugs that people are prescribed. However, these drugs can cause a driver to become intoxicated and drowsy, even if they follow their physician’s recommendations. Moreover, some people abuse prescription drugs as well, which can be extremely dangerous and significantly interfere with a person’s driving abilities. Unfortunately, some drivers think that because a drug was prescribed by their doctor it is okay to get behind the wheel, even though they are impaired.

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