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Inadequate truck maintenance and accidents

From fatigue to intoxication, large truck crashes happen for all sorts of reasons. Some factors, however, may not always receive as much attention even though they are a serious concern when it comes to traffic accidents. For example, inadequate truck maintenance is a major problem and has been linked to many fatal accidents over the years. In Pennsylvania, and states across the country, some trucking companies fail to inspect and maintain their trucks properly, and those responsible for a crash that causes the loss of life or debilitating injuries should be held accountable for innocent people whose lives have been turned upside down.

Inadequate truck maintenance takes many forms and can lead to all sorts of problems on the road. For example, a truck driver's brakes may fail while they are behind the wheel, endangering the safety of those riding in other vehicles and truck drivers as well. Many other examples of inadequate truck maintenance can be extremely dangerous on the roadway, such as deficient windshield wipers, tires that need to be replaced, problems with rearview mirrors and so on.

Study shows Pennsylvania drivers are third worst in country

Do you consider yourself a pretty good driver? A recent study from EverQuote, Inc., which is a company that links drivers with insurance agencies around the United States, revealed that Pennsylvania motorists have some of the worst driving habits in the country. 

The company logged nearly 800 million miles in 2017 to determine common driving habits. It ultimately revealed data related to speeding, smartphone usage and hard turning. Pennsylvania drivers need to take note because engaging in any of those behaviors greatly increases the odds of sustaining injuries from driving

When you are struck by an intoxicated motorcyclist

Whether you drive a small car, a truck, ride a motorcycle or bicycle or regularly go for a walk, the road can be dangerous. Not only do you have to watch out for large vehicles, but other types of vehicles such as motorcycles can be dangerous as well. Even if you are driving a very large vehicle, such as a semi truck, you could be seriously hurt and adversely impacted in other ways in the event that you collide with a motorcycle. Motorcycle wrecks happen for many reasons, but some are the result of a motorcyclist’s negligence, such as someone who is on the road while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

There are many reasons why people ride motorcycles while intoxicated, as with all other vehicles. For example, they may be returning home from a party, celebrating a holiday or simply forget that they drank alcohol and are over the legal limit. Regardless, an accident can be incredibly dangerous not only for the motorcyclist but those they collide with as well. For example, a motorcyclist may slam into a vehicle at high speeds, causing the driver to become injured. Or, a motorcyclist may collide with another motorcyclist, causing him or her to be thrown from their motorcycle, or ride off the road and hit a pedestrian.

Can social media activity affect my workers’ comp claim?

If you find yourself suffering from an injury that occurred on the job, you may want to watch what you say and do online, especially in regards to social media. Though you may be in the habit of spending a certain amount of time on Facebook, Instagram or some other platform, your actions could have an impact on your Pittsburgh workers’ compensation claim. 

You could be wondering what your social media activities have to do with your claim. Though you are off work in recovery, there is a growing number of fraudulent claims. Workers’ compensation examiners are taking a closer look at claims. To prevent complications with your claim, consider the following pointers on social media activity and workers’ compensation benefits

When someone unintentionally drives drunk

Sometimes, people who get behind the wheel while inebriated do so knowingly, showing no regard for the safety of everyone on the road. That said, there are also times when drivers may unknowingly drive drunk. For example, someone may have thought that they were under the legal limit or they may not have realized that they drank alcohol in a mixed drink at a celebration. Regardless, those who are over the legal limit should be held responsible for their actions, especially if they cause an accident in Pittsburgh or anywhere else in the state of Pennsylvania.

During Labor Day weekend, some people may drive drunk after having a few drinks at a family party. On a daily basis, people get behind the wheel without showing any concern that their driving abilities may be impaired due to drinking, even though there have been many awareness campaigns focusing on this subject. Sometimes, people may also claim that they did not know they were over the legal limit even though they clearly knew that they should not have been on the road.

How many fatal DUI crashes occur each year?

Drunk driving may lead to a number of consequences, from innocent people riding in other vehicles suffering injuries to penalties such as license suspension and imprisonment for those driving drunk. Sadly, many of these drivers have claimed the lives of other people by getting behind the wheel after they have been drinking. It is important for people to be aware of just how widespread drunk driving is and the number of lives that are claimed in Pennsylvania and across the whole U.S. as a result of this reckless behavior.

According to data put forward by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 10,490 people passed away in motor vehicle wrecks that involved a driver who was impaired as a result of alcohol consumption during 2016. Put another way, drunk driving collisions claim an average of 29 lives per day in the U.S. Moreover, the CDC points out that 17 percent of traffic deaths which claimed the lives of kids 14 and under during 2016 involved a driver who was under the influence of alcohol. These accidents are very devastating for the loved ones of those who pass away and they continue to occur on a daily basis.

Poor visibility and motorcycle collisions

Motorcyclists face many risks every time they take to the road, but poor visibility is especially concerning. Whether the driver of another vehicle has difficulty seeing a motorcyclist or a motorcyclist is unable to see the road well, riding a motorcycle in these conditions can be dangerous in Pittsburgh and across Pennsylvania. At our law firm, we know how devastating motorcycle collisions can be for motorcyclists and those they love, which is why we believe it is so important to focus on prevention. Sadly, it is already too late for some victims and those who have found themselves in this position because of a negligent driver should know their rights.

When visibility is very poor, a driver may not be able to see very far and this can be especially problematic with respect to motorcycles, which can be even more difficult to see due to their smaller size. Sadly, a driver may collide with a motorcyclist while attempting to pass another vehicle, switch lanes, make a turn or collide with them from behind. During periods of heavy fog, motorcyclists may also struggle to see what lies ahead, which can be incredibly dangerous as well.

The risk of a motorcycle crash during Labor Day

Labor Day weekend brings people together across the country, from family parties to events and other types of gatherings. Unfortunately, it can also bring an increased risk of traffic collisions, and this is especially concerning for motorcyclists. Many people enjoy riding their motorcycle during Labor Day and since this holiday marks the unofficial end of summer, motorcyclists in many areas want to spend some time on their motorcycle before the cooler fall weather sets in. Sadly, accidents occur too often on this holiday, completely putting an end to celebrations.

This risk of a motorcycle crash is especially concerning during Labor Day weekend for multiple reasons. First, the likelihood of an accident involving a drunk driver is especially high, since many people imbibe as part of their holiday celebrations. Aside from this risk, there may be fatigued drivers who have spent too much time on the road driving to or from a family’s house in another state. Furthermore, many areas see an increase in the amount of traffic on the road, which can lead to a motorcycle crash as well.

Do more motorcyclists ride drunk at night?

There are all sorts of motorcycle accident risk factors that motorcyclists and those driving any type of vehicle should be aware of—distractions, bad road conditions, etc. That said, the use of alcohol is especially concerning and has been responsible for many motorcycle accidents over the years. From the loss of life to injuries that permanently shatter a person’s life, drunk driving is a major concern. Whether you ride a motorcycle or have concerns about a loved one who is a motorcyclist, it may be helpful to review statistics on motorcycle wrecks, such as the prevalence of drunk riding at certain times of the day.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that according to statistics from 2015, motorcyclists who passed away in traffic wrecks at night were three times more likely to be riding under the influence of alcohol when compared to fatal motorcycle crashes that occurred during daylight hours. Obviously, the risk of getting on a motorcycle while over the legal limit poses a major threat at any time of day. However, motorcyclists should be mindful of these statistics and other drivers should watch out for motorcyclists at night, when it can be even more difficult to see them.

A new study links moderate drinking to brain changes

We are all subject to changes in our bodies associated with aging, but a new study indicates that moderate drinking may contribute to brain changes that include memory loss.

Could the results of this new research spell additional trouble for people who drink and drive?

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