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How many firetruck crashes happen per year?

If you drive a firetruck, you may worry about any number of on the job hazards. Responding to fires can be dangerous for many reasons, including the risk of a traffic accident. These crashes may occur because another driver fails to obey the rules of the road, whether they drive through a stop sign or operate a vehicle while drunk. Moreover, firetruck crashes can also leave people riding in other vehicles hurt and killed. Sadly, firetruck accidents have claimed many lives in recent years.

According to a piece that appeared on the US National Library of Medicine’s website, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that more than 31,000 firetruck accidents happened between 2000 and 2009. Not only are these accidents incredibly dangerous for those riding in smaller vehicles, but those riding in firetrucks may be hurt or killed as well. During this time period, 49 resulted in someone passing away while riding in a firetruck.

When vehicle drivers encounter a motorcycle stunting swarm

Although they are a subset of all motorcyclists, an increasing number of riders are buying dirt bikes to perform stunts, also called stunting. Speed alone no longer impresses these riders. A new era in riding is here, thanks to advances in technology.

Like autos, bikes today are lighter in weight but deliver more power. Stunt riders can use regular motorcycles, but the kicked-up ratio of weight to power makes sport or dirt bikes ideal for stunting. 

Holidays and the risk of a large truck wreck

Large truck collisions happen throughout the year, but there are times when a driver may be especially likely to find themselves in a large truck wreck. For example, the holiday season brings poor weather in many parts of the U.S. and it also results in traffic congestion. To make things worse, many people, including large truck drivers, find themselves in a rush during this time of the year. As a result, many large truck crashes take place over the holidays and these wrecks can be devastating.

Many people drive long distances in order to celebrate the holidays with those they love. Unfortunately, roads can be icy in Pennsylvania and many other states, and this can cause a trucker to lose control of their vehicle and slam into a car that is much smaller. If you plan on driving long distances during the holidays this year or driving around close to home, it is important to be especially mindful of these hazards. In the event that you are struck by a large truck, such as a semi or a delivery truck, you should examine your legal options at once.

Inexperienced motorcyclists and road safety

Our law office has covered many issues related to motorcycle wrecks on this blog. Sometimes, these accidents are the result of a motorcyclist's error, such as someone who rides drunk or does not have very much experience. Even if you are an extremely experienced motorcyclist who always focuses on riding safely, you may be hurt or even killed in a wreck caused by an inexperienced motorcyclist, especially if you regularly ride in a group. It is essential for motorcyclists to stay safe and be cognizant of any risk factors that could endanger their safety while they are riding.

A motorcyclist who is inexperienced may cause a collision in any number of ways. For example, they may be riding in front of other motorcyclists and lose control of their motorcycle, causing motorcyclists behind them to crash as well. Inexperienced motorcyclists may not know how to handle poor road conditions, ride at appropriate speeds or even manage their motorcycle altogether. Or, they may cross over the center line and collide with another motorcyclist or vehicle. Moreover, someone who is riding along with a motorcyclist, either in a sidecar or behind them, may also be injured or killed in such an accident.

Fighting trucker fatigue

When hearing reports of a traffic accident in Pennsylvania in which a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle is involved, it is not uncommon for you to wonder if excessive fatigue on the part of the truck driver may have contributed to the crash. Commercial truckers work many long and often lonely hours and this environment may well facilitate a state of fatigue while on the job.

To combat this, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has developed what it calls its Hours of Service rule. The purpose of this rule is to reduce or eliminate truckers driving when tired so that everyone on the road can be safer and that fewer accidents involving trucks occur.

U.S. News ranks us among Best Law Firms for 2019

The attorneys and professional staff of Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., are proud to have earned U.S. News' Tier 1 recognition for ranking among the Best Law Firms in America for 2019. 

Our firm was named as a Tier 1 Best Law Firm after U.S. News reviewed more than 14,600 law firms practicing in 75 different legal areas across the United States. Receiving recognition in the Tier 1 category for personal injury required a commitment to results through quality represention by our lawyers, backed by a commitment to exceptional client service by our staff. 

When accidents involve a group of motorcyclists

Motorcycles can be dangerous for many reasons, but some situations are especially concerning. For example, some people like to ride with their friends and this can be disastrous when things go wrong on the road. When motorcyclists ride in a group, there may be multiple wrecks if one of the motorcyclists who is riding in the front of the group crashes. Moreover, there are other hazards that can be present when a group of motorcyclists is on the road.

Large groups of motorcyclists can increase the chances of a motorcyclist becoming distracted. Moreover, they may give motorcyclists a false sense of security, even though they still face the same hazards on the road. Whether you regularly ride alongside your friends in a motorcycle group or plan to do so for the first time, it is pivotal to be cautious. Moreover, if you drive any vehicle you should always keep an eye out for motorcyclists whether they are in a large group or riding alone, in which case it can be more difficult to see a lone motorcyclist.

What should I know about brain injuries?

Even though you do your best to stay safe, there may be times when you are unable to prevent an injury. If you are hurt at work or in a car crash, one of the wounds you might receive is a traumatic brain injury. This kind of wound can have far-reaching effects on your health, so it is important to know basic information about this injury.

The holiday rush causes workplace hazards

The holiday season means your company is rushing to maximize profits, but this desire to make profits may undermine your safety. According to the Harvard Business Review, occupational accidents are more common when employers face pressure to earn more, but earning expectations should not be more important than the wellbeing of workers. 

Due to the risk of getting hurt at your job during the holiday months, it is vital for you to be aware of some potential workplace hazards. Here are some causes of occupational injuries during the holidays.

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