Facial Injuries and Motorcycle Accidents

The Dangers of Facial Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often result in painful facial injuries for victims. The skin on your face is significantly thinner than the skin elsewhere on your body, so these injuries often result in permanent scarring and damage. Victims often suffer a variety of consequences, and worse, they may be left without the medical care they need to recover.

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Types of Facial Injuries

Motorcyclists report a wide range of facial injuries after collisions. Facial fractures may involve the nose, cheekbones, jaws, and orbital bones. These bones frame the face and provide its shape, so fractures can result in a permanent change in your facial appearance. Furthermore, these bones are fairly delicate and may require surgical intervention to repair. Lacerations are another common issue. A deep enough cut can damage nerve tissue and sensation, often resulting in permanent scarring. The same is true for contusions affecting the face. Bruising and swelling on the face can complicate the recovery process and cause significant pain.

How Facial Injuries Affect Your Daily Life

Facial injuries caused by motorcycle accidents can impact your daily life in a number of ways. They generally cause a profound amount of pain and discomfort. Beyond that, they can also affect your ability to breathe, eat, drink, speak, and make facial expressions. These are an important part of everyday life, and having to make drastic changes to things you do multiple times per day is a challenge.

Additionally, seeking treatment for facial injuries can be time-consuming and complex. Surgeons and doctors must operate carefully when treating this area of the body, due to the potential to cause permanent damage and negatively affect your appearance. This means that what appears to be a simple injury could require multiple appointments and even multiple surgeries. All of this can be detrimental to your daily life, your freedom, and your other obligations.

The Mental Health Consequences of Facial Injuries

Finally, we can’t ignore the mental health effects of facial injuries. Yes, these injuries can negatively affect your physical health and ability to use your face. However, they can also be devastating for your mental health. It’s impossible to hide facial injuries with clothing, and that means having to see how people react to your injury every single day. Scarring and disfigurement can cause people to react with surprise or fear, leading victims to isolate themselves or avoid crowded areas. Disfigurement can lead to depression, psychological distress, and anxiety. This often worsens once it becomes clear that an injury is permanent and will not improve with time.

A victim’s mental health concerns are often ignored in a personal injury claim, simply because their physical needs are so much more pressing. However mental health issues can seriously diminish your quality of life, particularly if you develop agoraphobia or PTSD. It is crucial for victims to seek mental health treatment after facial injuries; prompt treatment can stave off the worst effects and help a victim learn to live with their new reality.

Why Motorcyclists Are at Heightened Risk

Occupants of standard passenger vehicles are protected by several tons of metal that absorb the force of a crash; motorcyclists do not have this protection. The only protection afforded to motorcyclists comes in the form of a helmet, which statistically reduces the risk of facial injuries. With or without a helmet, though, facial injuries are always a possibility. When a motorcyclist is thrown from their bike or falls off their bike, direct impact on the ground can cause disfiguring facial injuries. Bikers are also at risk of striking their face on other vehicles, guardrails, and other objects in a collision.

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