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Refrigerated trucks may not be providing refrigeration

It's a common site to see refrigerated trucks driving along our Pennsylvania highways. Yet there's a possibility that not all such trucks transporting food items contain adequate refrigeration.

Pennsylvania worker electrocuted by live power line

A Pennsylvania employee was electrocuted while relocating power lines. The 41-year old worker was performing his job from a bucket truck when he received a shock from a 7,000 volt live wire.

The cost of birth injuries affects everyone

After a mother had just gone into labor, hospital staff attempted to administer the drug Pitocin to increase the number of contractions, but doctors failed to monitor the child's vital signs for a number of hours after that. In the meantime, the child's heart rate dropped and the child was reportedly deprived of oxygen to the brain and suffered a variety of birth injuries.

Radiology and medical malpractice

Radiologists are not immune to being sued for medical malpractice. In fact, the failure to read a scan properly, the failure to diagnose an ailment, or the failure to follow-up on a potential medical problem can lead to devastating results for patients.

Cleanup continues at Pennsylvania asbestos dumping site

Side by side with a reservoir and former park and playground is a Pennsylvania site where asbestos had been dumped for a number of decades. According to the EPA, the site was used for such dumping for nearly 60 years.

Ryan Dunn crash results in Pennsylvania wrongful death lawsuit

With all of the focus upon the death of Ryan Dunn in a Pennsylvania car crash that occurred on June 20, 2011, we sometimes forget that there was a passenger in the vehicle that was also killed in that accident. The family of that passenger is now bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against Ryan Dunn's estate and the local bar that was serving alcohol to Dunn just shortly before the fatal crash.

Doctor center of more than 80 medical malpractice claims

Approximately 80 medical malpractice claims were settled for more than $33 million, and the cases all revolve around the treatment of patients by one particular individual. Apparently, an anesthesiologist falsified credentials in order that that he could perform a surgical procedure that ultimately injured a number of patients.

Electronic medical software may lead to loss of medical data

Attempts have been made in many states (including Pennsylvania) to improve patient record keeping for the purpose of patient safety. However, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania refers to specific electronic medical records (EMR) software as a "Tower of Babel."

Arrest of Hospital Technician Highlights UPMC System Flaws

An article posted in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette titled "Hospital tech's arrest sets off hepatitis scare, shows flaws in system," outlines the systemic errors in UPMC's management system and practices with regard to patient safety and healthcare professional hiring practices.  The article points to questionable practices that allegedly put patients at risk of infection of Hepatitis C and potentially other diseases.  This article comes after the arrest of former UPMC employee Mr. David Kwiatkowski.

Arrest of Med Tech with Hepititis C shows flaws in health care system in Pittsburgh

In 2008, radiology technician David Kwiatkowski was a few weeks into a temporary job at the UPMC Presbyterian when a co-worker accused him of lifting a syringe containing an addictive painkiller from an operating room and sticking it down his pants.  A drug test showed that he had fentanyl and other opiates in his system and more syringes were found in his pockets and locker.

Can early detection of Mesothelioma save lives?

Doctors have been debating whether earlier detection of mesothelioma would save lives. Some say that early detection of any cancer is vital. Others say that there is no proof that detecting mesothelioma earlier would increase the chance of survival from this deadly form of cancer.

UPMC sends letter to 2,000 patients who may have been infected with Hepatitis C

"UPMC sends hepatitis letters to 2,000 patients" according to this morning. The hospital sent the letters in response to actions taken by former employee Mr. David Kwiatkowski. Mr. Kwiatkowski was fired by UPMC for infecting multiple patients at its UPMC Presbyterian hospital withhepatitis C. According to the article, Mr. Kwiatkowski was arrested in New Hampshire where he is accused of infecting patients with the disease.

Nurse fatigue leads to more medical mistakes

An interesting study was conducted by the University of Pennsylvania suggesting that, because of nursing burnout, a large number of urinary tract infections and surgical site infections can result due to emotional exhaustion on the part of nurses. The researchers found that such medical mistakes leading to surgical infections by nurses tend to increase due to patient load and patient assignments.

Painter in Pittsburgh area dies from electrocution

Another Pittsburgh area worker was electrocuted while working on the job. The work related death came about when an employee of a painting company came into contact with a power line while working upon a roof of a building. Part of the duties of the deceased painter included leaning over the edge of the roof and spray painting along the walls close to where the electric circuit was located.

Multiple defendants named in asbestos lawsuit

Though manufacturers have long lobbied legislatures for limitations are asbestos injury cases, the scope of such cases has not gotten any smaller. One couple has just named 143 companies in an asbestos-related disease case, and many of these companies have Pittsburgh ties.

Worker may have been overcome by methane before falling to death

A Pennsylvania woman is alleging that her husband's death was the result of negligence at a wastewater treatment facility in the Pittsburgh area. She alleges that her husband was cleaning a pit at the treatment facility, that he was then overcome by methane gas, and he then fell over 20 feet to the concrete floor. According to the coroner, the 31-year old man died of blunt force trauma.

Radiologist failed to diagnose brain aneurysm

A VA hospital in Pennsylvania was at the center of a $5.3 million verdict provided to the family of a woman that died of a brain aneurysm. The woman had been under the care of the facility for some time, and it was the suspected negligence and medical malpractice of a radiologist that resulted in a subarachnoid hemorrhage never being treated.

Diagnosis of cancer in the young

Cancer is frequently being misdiagnosed for patients younger than 50-years old. Doctors are often not even checking for the cancer, and this is why delayed diagnosis is occurring - and why it is always a good idea for Pennsylvania patients to get a second opinion.

Ford recalls over 400,000 SUVs

Ford SUVs, which are obviously sold in Pittsburgh, are being recalled because the gas pedals on some such vehicles can stick. Though company has recalled 421,000 Ford Escapes, many critics feel that the automobile giant has not done enough to prevent more automobile accidents from occurring.

Failure to monitor may have led to birth injuries

When writing about birth injuries occurring due to medical malpractice, we discover that such incidents are much too common and occur in many other areas besides just Pittsburgh. Though such birth injuries often occur in similar fashion, the consequences to every family that is required to deal with such an issue are singular - and usually devastating.

Pennsylvania worker killed in hit-and-run accident

Unfortunately, workers are often injured or killed due to the carelessness or inattention of motor vehicle drivers that are in the vicinity. Such an incident recently occurred when a Pennsylvania worker was struck and killed by a utility pole that was inadvertently knocked into the worker by a passing truck.

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