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Pennsylvania workplace fatality statistics for 2013

Industrial accidents are often severe, causing catastrophic injuries and deaths. Many times, this is due to the machinery, chemicals or type of transportation used in the industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of these accidents and the numbers for Pennsylvania for 2013 -- the latest year available -- are below.

-- In preliminary counts for 2013, there were 176 workplace fatalities in Pennsylvania.

Gas line leaks and explosions are serious matters

In some of our recent blog posts, we have discussed explosions and burns. When people are injured during an explosion or burned in another type of accident, they often suffer very serious injuries. In some cases, the injuries might be fatal.

When it comes to explosions caused by gas lines, the fault sometimes lies with the gas company or the company's employees. All gas lines require proper installation, maintenance and testing. If those activities aren't handled properly, explosions can occur without any warning.

Bottled water recall due to E. Coli concerns

When consumers purchased food and drinks, they expect the products to be free from contaminates. Unfortunately, there are recalls frequently made due to concerns such as E. Coli. Once such recall just occurred in some bottled water brands.

Niagara Bottling has released a recall notice that states the recall is voluntary and is in cooperation with federal and state agencies. That notice also states that the two plants affected by the recall are in Allentown and Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Niagara Bottling, though, says that one of the springs that they are contracted with for their water didn't tell them that E. Coli was found at the source of the spring. Niagara Bottling said that they immediately shut down the bottling facilities, disinfected the bottling lines and sent out the recall notice. However, Niagara Bottling said there was no E. Coli found in the spring water that the company uses and it wasn't found in the finished products either.

Am I at risk for asbestos?

As the health risks of asbestos became more apparent, many people began to worry about their own health and safety regarding the product. Asbestos was used regularly in many different products, so it is understandable that people would be concerned. Fortunately for the average consumer, the use of asbestos was quickly regulated and restricted once the health issues became apparent. Most people nowadays are not exposed to asbestos regularly enough or at a high enough concentration to suffer adverse health effects.

Workers' compensation assistance for all kinds of employees

Many people are familiar enough with workers' compensation benefits to know that they exist for the benefit of employees that are injured on the job so that said employees are not left destitute in the event of an accident. Because these benefits apply to injuries suffered on the job, they are arguably most important to workers with dangerous occupations. Construction workers and laborers come to mind. But it is important that we do not forget that workers' compensation covers employees in many different industries.

Birth injury information and help

Birth injuries are among the most tragic accidents or injuries that can befall a family in Pennsylvania, possibly on par with a wrongful death. This is because while birth injuries are not necessarily fatal, they can potentially affect an individual throughout their entire life. Depending on the circumstances, the injury may also affect the parents as well, as some birth injuries require constant care in order for the victim to live a normal life.

What should I tell my medical malpractice attorney?

Information is the key to any claim, since two different parties are usually telling slightly different stories to prove or deny fault. The more concrete information that you can provide, the more evidence you will have to help you prove your story. With many cases, especially criminal cases, evidence is relatively easy to come by and difficult to misinterpret; if someone's fingerprints are on a gun, it's hard for them to deny using the gun. However, medical malpractice cases can be much more difficult to represent.

What are some common workplace hazards?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workplace hazards are divided into categories such as safety hazards, biological hazards, physical hazards, ergonomic hazards, chemical hazards and organizational hazards. The risks associated with any of these areas can mean injury for workers if both employers and employees are not careful.

Safety hazards include spills or tripping hazards that make it more likely individuals will fall, working on high surfaces or ladders and electrical risks such as unmaintained cords or improper wiring. Biological hazards can include chemicals and pathogens, blood or body fluids, animal droppings, viruses, plants or insects. Biological hazards are most likely in medical, industrial and lab environments.

Fiery food truck explosion leads to wrongful death lawsuit

On June 15, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, man filed a lawsuit related to a fiery explosion last summer that claimed the lives of his mother and younger sister. According to court documents filed in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, the plaintiff has alleged that a deteriorated propane tank was the source of the July 1 explosion aboard a food truck near 3rd Street and Wyoming in Feltonville, Pennsylvania.

The resulting blast from that explosion created a fireball that ultimately consumed the food truck and eventually led to the deaths three weeks later of the plaintiff's 42-year-old mother and 17-year-old sister. According to the lawsuit, the subsequent explosion and fire also injured 11 other individuals during accident. The plaintiff's representative indicated that the defendants had a duty to inspect the propane tanks and ensure that they were in compliance with federal safety standards when they refilled them.

Judge denies Energy Corporation of America's appeal

Last Thursday, a federal judge from Pennsylvania denied Energy Corporation of America's (ECA) motion to overturn his judgment-a judgment that awarded nearly $912,000 to Greene County, PA landowners. The judgment was awarded to the landowners-some of whom represented by Bill Caroselli of Caroselli, Beachler, McTiernan & Coleman-in a gas royalties class action due to unpaid royalties. The judge contended that the plaintiffs provided enough evidence and sufficient testimony to win the case.

In March of 2015, a jury found ECA had underpaid natural gas royalties by inappropriately deducting Pennsylvania pipeline charges and marketing fees. The jury's decision marked a victory to Greene County landowners who entered into natural gas and oil leases with the Energy Corporation of America.