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Is it always safe to induce labor?

More than ever in this age, people like convenience. Everything is centered around making life easier to do more. But when it comes to the birth of a child, should we let mother nature play out her course, or should we plan our child's date and time of arrival as well?

The question is whether inducing labor is the safest method for a mother and child. Doctors often recommend induced labor for reasons other than a high risk delivery. The reasons are more often related to convenience and the perception that it is more cost-effective (which is not always the case).

Doctors who are in a rush are prone to mistakes

It feels like life is always moving way too fast, like everything you have to do means you're rushing through every job. When you're talking about basic everyday life, this may be fine, but it can be tragic and deadly when it happens in a medical setting.

One doctor made a mistake that cost a woman her life. He could have tried to keep it quiet, but he actually came out and told everyone what had happened in order to shed some light on how easy errors are to make.

Batteries cause fire, multiple explosions in Ellwood City

Last week, a fire that began in an oil drum at an Ellwood City business spread to the whole building, requiring additional firefighting assistance from neighboring Butler, Beaver and Lawrence Counties.

The International Metals Reclamation Company, Inc., was the site of the fire that was reported shortly before 9 a.m. on a recent Sunday. Fewer than five plant employees were in the building when the fire ignited. There were reports of heavy smoke as well as multiple explosions occurring as much as 90 minutes after the initial report was made. The fire was burning at Dock Two's western end.

How does infection spread in an operating room?

Putting your life in the hands of a skilled surgeon can be risky but essential. Sometimes though, the surgeon that you thought was experienced can make some egregious mistakes that cause you pain and suffering. Something as simple as making sure that you are protected from infection can make the difference between healing and an extended hospital stay.

During an operation, surgical teams come and go from operating rooms, increasing the patient's exposure to infections.One study was done at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center on 100 knee replacement and 91 hip replacement surgeries. The study found that the door to the operating room opened every two and one-half minutes, translating to 10 minutes of exposure for a 90-minute surgery.

What are asbestos-related illnesses?

People who have been exposed to asbestos are at a serious risk of health conditions that are the direct result of that exposure. While asbestos exposure is associated with a variety of medical conditions, including colon cancer, lung cancer, and asbestosis, many people think of mesothelioma when they hear about someone being exposed to asbestos.

We understand the devastation that asbestos-related illnesses can have on a victim and the victim's family members. The person who has the illness often has to cope with symptoms like severe pain and shortness of breath. The patient's family members have to watch their loved one suffer from the symptoms.

Recalls of wax warmers and SpaghettiOs affects millions

Product recalls can happen at any time and for any type of product. Two recalls issued this week involved wax warmers and SpaghettiOs. The wax warmers have been recalled because of fire and burn hazards. The SpaghettiOs are being recalled because of possible choking hazard.

The wax warmers were sold at Family Dollar stores and include four wax cubes that smell like vanilla. The ceramic teacup comes with an opening where you can put a tea light candle inside. Those candles are not sold with the wax warmer. The affected ceramic warmers are green with gold trim or cream with gold trim.

Unnecessary surgical births are very dangerous

Giving birth is an experience that many women discuss for years after their babies are born. While most women recall the memories with joy, some women recall a horrible experience caused by an unnecessary Cesarean birth. For those women, the difficulties arising from the surgical birth seem to overshadow the joy of being a new mother.

Not all C-sections are bad events. In some cases, surgical intervention is the only way that a baby can enter the world without severe injuries or death. The issue is that some medical professionals jump on the possibility of doing a C-section without considering various methods that might help the woman to have a vaginal birth. Those unnecessary C-sections have multiple risks.

Experts call for rules regarding doctors' cellphone use

There are many rules governing what can happen in an operating room, but, in most situations, none have been made for how much doctors and surgeons can use their cellphones. According to some who have studied the subject, it is high time that these laws were put in place, as mobile phone use can be distracting and lead to errors.

Some who were asked said that the cellphone use itself tends to be really mundane. People check their email messages, do some online shopping or browse social media sites. Most of it isn't important at all, but it can still keep medical professionals from paying enough attention to their patients.

Asbestos in the workplace can put you at risk

Are you working in an environment where you are exposed to asbestos? Unfortunately, there are many occupations where employees are exposed to asbestos and are not aware of it or the risks associated with it. Asbestos is a fiber-type mineral that is found in numerous building materials and products, making it a common substance in workplaces.

The real danger of asbestos is inhaling the dust particles, which can cause lung diseases such as asbestosis, pleura or mesothelioma, as well as others. The reason many workers do not realize they are at risk is because the effects are often not realized until 10 to 40 years later. For instance, asbestosis develops over 10 to 20 years as a shortness of breath and a cough that continually gets worse. Mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer, does not usually develop until 30 years later.

National Transportation Safety Board concerned with tire recalls

The National Transportation Safety Board is concerned with the way that tire companies recall their products. Specifically, the issue is that tires aren't usually registered correctly so that individual units can be recalled and owners can be contacted directly. This means many owners could technically be driving on recalled tires that pose a serious threat, all without knowing that a recall has been issued.

Of course, recalls do also make the news, meaning that tire companies can issue wide-ranging recalls of certain brands or models of tires, alerting consumers that way. It's then up to consumers to check and see if they have those tires and respond to the recall.