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Are work injuries more common in the summer?

Whether you are employed in the restaurant industry, work in an office space or carry out your job responsibilities on construction sites, there are all sorts of different risks that you may need to keep in mind while working in Allegheny, and across all parts of Pennsylvania. For example, you may have to watch out for extreme temperatures in the summer and winter, slippery surfaces, and many other hazards. Moreover, it is important to be aware of other factors that could contribute to an injury, such as certain times when workplace injuries are more prevalent.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more workers are injured in the summertime in comparison to other seasons. Furthermore, there is a noticeable decline in the number of work injury reports towards the end of the year. Workplace accidents can be very dangerous and happen at all times of year, but there may be various reasons why more workers sustain injuries in the summertime. For one, some jobs are season and more people may be working in the summer, in certain areas. Moreover, severe heat and other risks can also increase the chances of workers becoming hurt or falling ill while on the job.

Screen-free behind the wheel: Reducing distracted driving crashes

In Pennsylvania, most people are probably aware of the dangers of distracted driving thanks to awareness programs and state laws. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation notes that using a cellphone or other wireless communication device while behind the wheel can lead to a traffic violation in certain circumstances.

Drivers in the state are not banned from using cellphones to make phone calls, and in fact, drivers may also interact with any system or device, such as a radio or GPS system, that is connected to the vehicle either physically or electronically. The restriction only applies to sending, reading and writing texts, either through text programs or other messaging, social media or email communications. This offense results in a fine but does not add any points to a driver’s record.

Workers’ compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome

With the rise of technology in the workplace and everyday lives, there has been an increase in the number of cases of carpel tunnel syndrome.  Carpal tunnel can not only be painful but can often lead to difficulty in going about everyday activities or work related job functions.



In an article posted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, thousands of injured workers statewide could receive more benefits after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down a key part of the workers' compensation law.

Understanding the role of workers’ compensation

Going to work, earning a living and performing job-related tasks is an integral part of life for many Pennsylvanians each day. However, with the reward of receiving compensation and realizing career successes, many workers also face inherent risks that are simply part of the job. Workers’ compensation is put into place to protect employees from potential injuries they may receive in job-related accidents.

In an article shared by, a worker at the Pittsburgh International Airport lost her leg when the luggage tug she was driving accidentally flipped over. There was controversy over whether or not the woman was an eligible recipient of workers’ compensation because she was on her way to meet her mother who was bringing her food. The company argued that since she was not actually working at the time of the accident, she should not be given workers’ compensation. However, a workers’ compensation board ruled in favor of her claim and she received full disability benefits.

Preventing electrical injuries on the job site

Although anyone in Pennsylvania could suffer an electrical burn, you may be in more danger if you work in the construction industry. While contact with electricity could be as mild as a shock from static build-up, it could also cause serious external burns and internal injuries, as well. At Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., we understand the many ways that workers should be protected from electrical hazards on the job site.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, one of the ways that your employer should create a safe environment is through an electrical hazard control program run by an expert in OSHA electricity and electrical work practice standards. You should receive general training in working with electricity as well as the training specific to your job duties. Some safe work practices include:

  •          Wearing personal protective equipment such as insulating gloves, protective helmets and sleeves
  •          Inspecting and maintaining power tools
  •          Making sure electric equipment is de-energized before inspecting or repairing it
  •          Staying a safe distance from energized parts and lines
  •          Using correct lockout/tagout procedures before working on electrical equipment

Responding to a lowball insurance settlement offer

When watching TV commercials, it seems insurance companies are falling all over themselves to pay full and fair claims to their policyholders. Here are some alternative facts. Whether it is a medical claim for a personal injury, a property claim after a damaging storm or an auto body repair claim after a car accident, insurance company will try to get a settlement as quickly as possible for the least amount possible. All too often, circumstances or financial issues cause claimants to immediately settle for the first offer presented to them.

You don't have to take the insurance company's first settlement offer

What is workers’ compensation?

Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system is set up to make sure that if you suffer a job-related injury or illness, you are not left without an income and means to pay for medical care. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry explains that the money for this comes from benefits paid by the insurance carrier who provides your employer’s workers’ compensation policy.

By purchasing this policy and paying the premiums, your employer is ensuring that the insurance carrier will take care of the costs rather than have the liability fall to the company. These include the expenses of health care services that you need due to the injury or illness, such as procedures, treatments, medication and medical devices, among others. Although you would not receive your full paycheck, benefits do cover two-thirds of your average weekly earnings while you are unable to work.

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