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When going to work puts your life in danger

We all face an array of dangers in our everyday lives. Every time we drive through a green light at an intersection, we trust our lives to other drivers' obeying the law to stop when their light turns red. Each time we fire up a propane gas grill we trust that the manufacturer has designed and built safety features into the product. Every time we go to a doctor, we trust that the waiting room and examination offices have been kept clean to the spread of diseases that could turn deadly. We trust our farmers and grocery stores to keep our food clean and fresh. We trust our architects and builders to design and construct homes, businesses and civic buildings that will not collapse. So why is the American workplace still one of the most dangerous places we step foot into every day?

Workplace fatality statistics are startling

Retired? You may still be at risk of Mesothelioma from your job.

While lifestyle factors and genetics may play a role in the development of certain cancers, exposure to workplace related risks can also increase your development for such cancers as malignant mesothelioma. With a significant delay in the development of mesothelioma after exposure, it is important to know the risk factors to ensure proper monitoring.

Is unsafe driving common in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania?

Among the dangers individuals can encounter out on the roads are unsafe drivers. A recent report indicates that finding oneself sharing the road with dangerous drivers might be particularly common here in Pennsylvania, especially in Pittsburgh.

The report, by EverQuote, rated the states and U.S. cities on safe driving. The report looked at data collected by a phone app in millions of car trips over a one-month period earlier this year. It used this data to give each state and different U.S. cities a safe driving score. The score was out of 100, with higher scores being better. The national average score was 79.

Four common causes of office injuries

Even though office employees spend most of their day indoors and often sitting at a desk, they are not immune from workplace injuries. In fact, more than $15 billion in workers compensation is paid each year on work-related musculoskeletal injuries with many of those claims coming from employees in an office environment.

Below are four of the most common causes of office worker related injuries.

Salvaged Takata air bags: A concealed menace

Would it surprise anyone in Pennsylvania to learn that government regulatory efforts have some apparent holes in them? Add to the list controls that would seem to be called for to make sure that those unsafe automotive parts subject to recall would not make it from one wrecked vehicle into a salvaged one.

Car history tracking firms like Carfax and AutoCheck do what they can to trace a vehicle's lineage through vehicle identification numbers, but those operations have their limitations. They might be able to tell if a car or truck is now under a salvage title, but they don't have a way to track the many individual parts in the vehicles. Defective air bags serve as one example. 

If Obamacare is repealed, will workers’ compensation change?

While the first attempt at legislation to reverse The Affordable Care Act failed to pass, it is far from dead.  With the Affordable Care Act providing for lifetime claims along with the cost of increased medical technology and medication, workers' compensation insurance companies are seeing an increase in the cost of claims as well as the number of claims.  Rate premiums had dropped significantly due to increased competition in 2013 and The National Council on Compensation Insurance is recommending a hike in premium rates to be able to have a sufficient amount to pay the claims that are projected in the future.

Additionally, there has been a number of states challenging the constitutionality of the workers' compensation statutes.  If the claims the states make are found unconstitutional by the supreme courts, the rulings could extremely impact current and past claims as the ruling would be retroactive back to when the laws were first enacted.  

Stress-related diagnosis may qualify for workers' compensation

During the early 19th century workers faced many dangers during their workday, including unsanitary workplaces, dangerous conditions, and lack of safety protocols.  

While the workplace has improved a lot for workers since the days of the industrial era, workplace stress is now dramatically affecting employee health as well as increasing work-related mortality.

Rules for wrongful death claims in Pennsylvania

The death of a loved one is tragic and not only leaves a hole in your life but often in your financial future as well. While a criminal investigation and court case may help to determine responsibility in the death of your loved one, it will not help you to fill the void that was left. To help families become financially whole again, they have the right to file a wrongful death claim to seek compensation related to the loss of their loved one.

New Limits Set by OSHA on Worker Beryllium Exposure

In a new rule set forth by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), industry, shipyard, and construction workers will now be more protected against lung cancer and other diseases brought on by exposure to beryllium.

The new measures reduce the amount of beryllium workers can be exposed to. Beryllium is a metal that is used in the manufacturing of such items as cars, computers, and other electrical equipment. While most employees who risk exposure are those who work in factories producing beryllium dust in the manufacturing process, construction professionals in the field can be exposed as well, since beryllium is often found in the blasting material for demolition.

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