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What is the relationship between asbestos and mesothelioma?

In the past, asbestos was used in insulating many homes and buildings. When it was discovered that inhaling asbestos fibers could cause long-term damage and illness in the lungs, asbestos was removed as an insulation in modern construction projects. While buildings are no longer built with the material, it is still included in many products in some way and some individuals do still work with asbestos.

One of the illnesses caused by asbestos is mesothelioma, which is a rare and serious form of lung cancer. According to reports, around 3,000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year. By the time a diagnosis occurs, most people are already in an advanced and untreated stage of the disease.

Craig Coleman recognized by Best Lawyers as "Lawyer of the Year" for product liability litigation

Craig Coleman, an associate of Caroselli, Beachler, McTiernan & Coleman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been named the Best Lawyers 2015 Product Liability "Lawyer of the Year" in Pittsburgh. Best Lawyers is the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession.

The "Lawyer of the Year" award reflects exceptionally high marks for talent, accomplishments, and integrity. According to Best Lawyers, only a single lawyer in each practice area and designated metropolitan area receives this honor, which shows the significance of such an award. Lawyers chosen for the honor are selected based on particularly impressive voting averages received during the exhaustive peer-review assessments the publication conducts with thousands of leading lawyers each year. The "Lawyer of the Year" commendation testifies to the respect earned by these practitioners from leading lawyers in that same practice within each community.

Well-maintained elevators prevent injuries, litigation

A standard feature in multi-floor buildings is the elevator. Older buildings may have elevators that were installed decades ago when the codes regulating safety and elevator maintenance were dramatically different. So are these older elevators safe for the public to ride?

The chairman of the National Association of Elevator Contractors Codes and Standards Committee had this to say:

Unusual work-related deaths and injuries

About 10 work-related deaths per year come from an unusual occupational hazard, according to statistics from 2003 to 2010. These numbers come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What is that occupational hazard? Stings or bites from insects, spiders or mites.

Both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Center for Disease Control have recognized insect injuries and deaths as a workplace hazard. Some of the most noted species of responsible pests when it comes to injuries were fire ants, black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. Stings from bees and wasps have ranked high in fatal cases.

Eleven of our attorneys recognized by Best Lawyers in America for 2016

We are proud to announce that eleven of our lawyers have been honored by Best Lawyers in America. Best Lawyers is a peer rating service that has been honoring lawyers since 1983. Best Lawyers is the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession.

Seeking compensation for injuries suffered at a business

The owner of a business has a responsibility to keep the property safe for customers and other visitors. When someone injures him- or herself because of a pool of water on the floor, a piece of cracked flooring or boxes that were left in a walkway, the owner could be held liable in court for the injured party's medical expenses, lost wages and much more.

However, there is a lot to a premises liability claim. You must prove that the owner of the property or other people responsible for the property caused the hazardous condition that lead to the victim's injuries. In addition, you must prove that the responsible party or the owner should have known or knew that the condition was hazardous.

What are Pennsylvania's workers' compensation death benefits?

Work-related death benefits in Pennsylvania are not called claims for survivor benefits as they are in other states. They are called fatal claims. While it is very difficult for any family member when he or she loses a loved one, Section 307 of the Workers' Compensation Act provides compensation for burial for the worker and weekly workers' compensation for the spouse and some dependents.

Depending on the facts of the fatal accident, the family of the worker who was killed is usually entitled to workers' compensation benefits. There are two factors that must be met. The person who was killed must have been working when the accident happened. The other part that must be proven in a fatal claim for benefits is that family members must prove they are dependents of the worker.

Obstetrician errors in the delivery room devastate families

Going into the hospital to have a baby is a very happy event in a mother's life. Many women get to enjoy that joy without anything else happening. For some women, however, the joys of giving birth are cut short because of obstetrician errors in the delivery room.

We know that you only wanted to experience the joy of your child's birth. You only wanted to give birth to a healthy baby and move on with raising your child. When your hopes, dreams, and plans for your baby are cut short because the doctor who is present at your child's birth, you might decide to take action.

Power tool injuries caused by negligent manufacturer

If you are a construction worker or craftsman, you understand the dangers associated with using power tools. When one of those tools malfunctions because of a negligent manufacturer, a user can suddenly find himself or herself in serious trouble. All too many Pennsylvania workers suffer serious workplace injuries -- or even death -- because of improperly made tools and construction implements.

Consider, for instance, the dangers of an unsafe table saw. Not only does this object involve a sharp, moving blade -- it also carries the danger of throwing wood away from the blade, striking the user or someone nearby. That is exactly what has happened with one model, the Grizzly 10-inch hybrid table saw. That product, which was distributed at Grizzly showrooms and through the company's catalog, is blamed for injuring a 46-year-old man. The victim's nose was broken when a piece of wood came flying out of the machine and back toward his face.

What protections exist against hazards in the workplace?

Some individuals in Pittsburgh work in industries that are naturally hazardous, such as construction or manufacturing. Safety regulations, training and equipment reduce the impact of hazards, but chemicals and other dangerous components cannot be fully removed from some work environments. Even in seemingly harmless environments, such as retail spaces or general offices, hazards do exist.

Workers in all industries are afforded protections, including workers' compensation that covers expenses if an injury occurs. Before an injury occurs, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration works with employers to ensure safety regulations are enacted to reduce the chance of accidents.