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Study shows bevacizumab can help with mesothelioma

Right now, there are simply not that many solid options for treating people who have mesothelioma. However, a recent study may have opened up some new doors, as it explored the use of bevacizumab and found good results.

Bevacizumab is often sold under the name Avastin, and it's made by Genentech/Roche. It has been used in the past with lung cancer, and it has been shown to work. The study experimented with using it and a standard chemotherapy regimen when doctors were trying to treat mesothelioma that was in its advanced stages.

What treatment options are available for mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that forms on the thin tissues that protect the lungs and abdomen. Each year, there are about 3,000 cases of the disease diagnosed and most of the people who suffer from the disease were exposed to asbestos in their jobs.

Symptoms of mesothelioma can take 20 to 50 years to appear and there is currently no cure. However, there are treatment options. The three most common treatments are:

How often do wrong-site surgery cases work?

Wrong-site surgery is an easily preventable mistake that still happens year after year. In these cases, doctors typically do the proper procedure, but they simply do it on the wrong part of the body. This can be due to many factors, such as misleading notes, improper marking, switching patients at the last second, and much more.

Now, there is no way to say definitively if a wrong-site surgery medical malpractice case is going to result in a verdict for the patient or not. All cases are different, and there are many things to consider.

How does the Food and Drug Administration evaluate cosmetics?

The Strategic Action Plan for Risk Communication is a Food and Drug Administration initiative that tells consumers how the FDA makes decisions regarding the effectiveness and safety of products they regulate. It's part of the federal agency's evaluation process of the safety of cosmetics.

Cosmetic ingredients and products are not required to have FDA approval before they go on sale to the public. There is one exception, though, and that is color additives. Companies that market cosmetics are required to ensure that their products are safe.

Study: Allegheny County most deaths related to asbestos in state

According to the Environmental Working Group Action Fund, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, has the highest estimated number of deaths related to asbestos in the state between 1999 and 2013. The 1,616 asbestos-related deaths average out to 107 deaths each year during that time period. That puts the death rate per 100,000 people in Allegheny County at 8.6.

The study performed by the EWG found that across the state, there were 14,216 deaths between 1999 and 2013. Asbestosis accounted for 1,273 deaths. Mesothelioma accounted for 2,601 deaths. Non-mesothelioma lung cancer is estimated to have cost the lives of 10,404 people.

What is asbestosis?

People who have worked around asbestos are subject to a variety of illnesses that can make life less enjoyable or even lead to death. While most people think about mesothelioma when they think about illnesses caused by exposure to asbestos, there are other illnesses that can occur because of that exposure. One of these is asbestosis.

What is asbestosis?

The problem of work-related deaths in Pennsylvania communities

Each year, Pennsylvania employees lose their lives due to work-related accidents. Despite significant advancements in workplace safety, the figures remain appalling. These occupational deaths are tragic for so many reasons, not the least of which is the actual loss of a life. The aftermath usually means the loved ones of the deceased worker will suffer from grief, loss and a severely reduced income.

All of these issues combined add up to unacceptable hazards for those in the Pennsylvania workforce. Here are some specifics for you to consider.

That backyard barbecue can be very dangerous

As summer gets closer in Pennsylvania, you may start day-dreaming about going over to your neighbors' for a staple of the American summer: the backyard barbecue. While it can be a lot of fun and a great way to share a meal, it can also be more dangerous than you may think.

Did you know that the National Fire Protection Agency claims there are over 6,000 explosions and fires every year that are connected to propane grilling? These incidents kill 20 people each year and send at least 20,000 to the emergency room.

Financial implications of accidents can be severe

In a previous blog post, we discussed how it is crucial for stairs and ladders to be kept in proper working order because people can be seriously injured if they fall from them, or if there is a collapse. The injuries that can occur when there is an accident involving stairs or ladders can range from minor bruising to death.

If you were injured in an accident involving stairs or ladders, you should make sure that you understand your rights. You might decide to seek compensation to help cover the cost of the medical care you received, as well as the costs associated with other financial impacts you suffered because of the accident.

Stair safety is important in all environments

Stairs and ladders are very important tools that some people count on to be able to daily activities. It is crucial that stairs and ladders are manufactured, installed, used, and maintained properly to help ensure that people who use them remain safe.

When it comes to the manufacturing of stairs and ladders, there are specific safety points that must be met. These vary based on the type of stairs or ladder that is being made. Rungs, steps, cleats, bases, and other components must meet the guidelines that have been set forth in order to be legal to sell in this country.

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