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E-Cigarette Explosions and Vaping Lawsuits

Electronic cigarettes (commonly known as e-cigarettes) were first patented in 2003, and they hit the US market in 2007. Since then, the practice that has become known as “vaping” has grown increasingly popular, especially among our youth. E-cigarettes came onto the market with the promise that they were a safer and more affordable alternative to tobacco, and that they could be consumed without those nearby the user being exposed to secondhand smoke.

Today, e-cigarettes are a multibillion-dollar industry. Manufacturers market them as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, and they have also been sold as a tool that can be used to quit smoking. The negative effects of smoking cigarettes have been well-documented for many decades, but is vaping really safer than smoking? And can e-cigarettes really help someone give up smoking altogether?

As time goes on, we are finding out that both of these claims are highly questionable. In fact, we now know that e-cigarettes can overheat and explode, potentially causing severe burns and other injuries to users. We are also increasingly learning that vaping can cause lung damage and other serious side effects.

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E-Cigarettes Targeted Toward Young People

According to a CDC report from September 2020, about 20% of American high school students (more than 3 million) reported that they currently use e-cigarettes, and nearly 5% of middle school students (more than 500,000) said the same. It is no accident that vaping is becoming so widespread among our youth – manufacturers have been marketing these products to our kids for several years.

Juul, the largest manufacturer of e-cigarettes, has spent millions of dollars on social media advertising campaigns across popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Many of their ads showed younger people vaping, and it is clear that they were targeted to that demographic.

Juul and other manufacturers finally suspended most of their social media activities in 2018 due to mounting pressure. And earlier this year, Juul agreed to pay a $40 million settlement to the state of North Carolina and change their business practices in the Tar Heel State. Pennsylvania is one of nine other states that have pending lawsuits against Juul.

The Dangers of E-Cigarette Explosions and Vaping

There have been numerous reports of e-cigarette explosions in recent years, and experts believe that the problem is mainly caused by the lithium-ion batteries that are used to power the product. These batteries carry a risk of overheating and causing the product to explode when the batteries are being charged, or when the product comes in direct contact with other metals that are someone’s pocket, bag, or purse.

If an e-cigarette explosion takes place, it can cause severe burn injuries to the affected area(s) of the body, usually the arms, hands, legs, and face. They can also cause the loss of a finger or blindness from a serious eye injury, and these explosions have been known to cause fires that result in widespread property damage as well.

Victims of e-cigarette explosions may be eligible for substantial compensation, which may include damages for direct monetary losses such as medical bills, lost earnings and property damage, as well as noneconomic losses such as pain and suffering and emotional distress.

In addition to injuries that are caused by e-cigarette and vape pen explosions, there are also numerous reports of lung illnesses and other adverse health effects that have been caused by vaping. E-cigarettes have been shown to be just as addictive (if not more so) than traditional cigarettes, and the toxic chemicals that are contained within vaping substances are causing a lot of harm to teens and young adults during their formative years.

Vaping is now being linked to a number of different health conditions, including:

  • Respiratory illnesses due to lung damage.
  • Elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, and other heart and cardiovascular problems.
  • Fatigue, decreased attention span, and brain fog.
  • Nausea, vomiting, and more severe gastrointestinal problems.

E-cigarettes and vape pens have only been around for about a decade and a half, and we have only scratched the surface with regards to what we have learned so far about how damaging they can be to the health of those who use these products. As more information comes out, manufacturers like Juul will continue to be held to account, especially for the way they have sold this dangerous product to our kids.

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