New Pennsylvania research to look into child injury in car accidents

It is a tragedy any time someone is injured in a car accident. Yet, the pain of a car accident is felt especially deeply when a child numbers among the victims.

The University of Pennsylvania is currently undertaking an investigation that could help prevent car accident injuries and deaths among children. The National Science Foundation is the sponsor of the new research program, which takes a multidisciplinary approach to studying pediatric trauma resulting from car crashes.

Child Passenger Safety Program looking into bus accidents, spinal injuries

The Child Passenger Safety Program in Pennsylvania is unique in that it looks at child injury not only from a biological perspective, but also from an engineering perspective. Traumatic injuries are a function of mechanical forces, and by studying the mechanics of children's injuries in car crashes researchers hope to develop better treatments and prevention methods.

One of the projects in the Child Passenger Safety Program involves a 2012 school bus crash. School bus accidents are not entirely uncommon, but what made this one special is that four video cameras were installed on the bus. The cameras captured the crash and researchers hope to analyze the footage to see what it was about the accident itself and the structure of the bus that caused the children injuries. The accident footage is being combined with computer simulation models to gain the fullest view possible of side-impact bus crashes involving children, and hopefully, to discover a pattern to the injuries.

Another project is an analysis of crash-scene data and medical information compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Researchers working on this project scour data specifically on pediatric spinal cord injury. Data for each accident is being examined in a search for commonalities in the accident and injury scenarios. The ultimate goal is to identify a new safety feature that could have prevented all of the spinal cord injuries that arose in a similar fashion.

Has your child been hurt in a car crash? Talk to a Pennsylvania attorney

The research currently underway at the University of Pennsylvania is an important step forward in advancing the cause of child safety in auto accidents. But, if a child in your life has already been hurt in a car crash, it is too late for the data to help your loved one.

After the fact remedies available through a personal injury lawsuit may help children recover from an injury and lead more normal lives after a car crash. Minors have special rights under Pennsylvania law when it comes to the proceeds of a car accident case. Generally, they are entitled to the same remedies as adults, but the money recovered must go into a special account. This account is only accessible by the minor once he or she turns 18, or to pay for the child's medical expenses before that time as approved by a judge.

If your child has been injured in an auto accident, pursuing full compensation is one way to help give him or her a brighter future. Talk to a Pennsylvania car accident attorney today to learn more about the remedies to which you and your child may be entitled.