Causes of Truck Accidents

As in many catastrophic accidents, a so-called "perfect storm" or combination of factors frequently brings about an event that should not have occurred. The trucking accidents that occur over any given period are due to dozens of interacting causes. Carelessness by drivers and unsafe policies of trucking companies are cited as the most common causes, but there are others.

Causes Of Truck Accidents

Ignorance and incompetence are factors. Many drivers have taken prescription medications and been surprised to see their reaction time dramatically reduced. Unfamiliarity with the road and road conditions ahead also count for a large number of accidents, according to available records. Federal regulations requiring specific reflectors and other safety features may be overlooked knowingly or unintentionally.

Recent developments of technology such as texting and other distractions take eyes off the road. Increasing crowding of highways is another development that can be dangerous. Road rage is a fairly recent phenomenon, brought on by frustrations we all face on the road.


Those who blame drivers and trucking companies are correct that carelessness and the drive for profits cause a significant percentage of the damage.

Pressure on drivers to exceed permissible hours is hard to resist. Drivers speed to make their destinations and become fatigued. Shippers overload trailers to economize. Companies skimp on maintenance of equipment and supervision of poor truck drivers.

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