dui in pittsburgh

Educating people through the use of a DUI simulator

Among one of the most preventable reasons that people get into car accidents in Pennsylvania is their decision to drive while drunk. Unfortunately, this decision is made daily by people all over the nation and one that both lawmakers and authorities have tried relentlessly to prevent. What makes it doubly tragic is when people are injured or killed in a senseless accident that could have been completely prevented with a bit of thought. 

The issue of driving under the influence is not limited to adults only. In fact, young adults all over the nation are experiencing the temptation to drive after having partied with their friends and consuming alcohol. While attempts to educate and inform young adults about the dangers of driving while drunk, the problem continues and is widespread across all of the states.

Recently, the West Virginia Beverage Consumption Control Administration came up with a unique tool to use in educating young people about DUI. They created a simulator that provides a strikingly similar experience to what it would be like if one were to be driving while drunk. Its purpose is to provide young adults with a life-like feeling of being impaired and trying to operate a motor vehicle. The program is also designed to show how factors such as how much a person drinks and hazards they may encounter along the way, such as weather, pedestrians or other vehicles, can affect their ability to make responsible decisions. 

If people have been the victims of someone’s bad decision to drive while drunk, an attorney can help them in their effort to get compensated for their injuries and suffering. With a qualified legal professional advocating for them, their effort may be more efficient and effective.