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The consequences of a truck crash while working

Employees face many challenges in the workplace on a daily basis. From discrimination and other rights violations to long work schedules, some workers have particularly challenging weeks. Truck accidents that occur on the job can make life even tougher for workers in various fields and these crashes may be more likely when a worker is fatigued or suffering from high levels of stress. In other instances, an employer may be responsible for a worker becoming injured in a crash or the reckless actions of another driver.

Prescription medication and large truck collisions

Large truck crashes sometimes happen because of truck driver fatigue due to working too many hours or not getting enough sleep at night, the use of alcohol behind the wheel, distractions such as cell phones, and countless other reasons. However, prescription medication can be especially problematic, and many truck crashes have been caused by a truck driver’s prescription use, whether or not they are following their physician’s recommendations. People take many different drugs for various reasons, but prescriptions can adversely affect a person’s ability to drive safe.

Delivery truck drivers and traffic collisions

Many people face risks associated with driving on a daily basis, but some people are especially likely to be involved in an accident at some point, such as those whose job responsibilities revolve around driving. For example, someone who drives a taxi, a large truck, a delivery truck, or a vehicle for any other work-related purpose likely spends a lot of time behind the wheel. Sometimes, these drivers are hit by the recklessness of others, such as those who are drunk. In other instances, they may cause an accident as well. For example, delivery truck drivers may be very tired after working for an extended period of time.

Trucker fatigue and car crashes

Each day, people across the country rise early in the morning and head to work, where they will put in long hours to support themselves and those they love. Unfortunately, those who work excessive hours may experience a number of work-related setbacks, such as fatigue due to overtime or overnight shifts. When someone becomes overly fatigued, this can affect their life in all sorts of ways. In fact, it can increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle collision significantly. If you feel fatigued after work, it is important to be careful and avoid driving while you are too tired.

Garbage trucks and the risk of a collision

Collisions happen on the road in many ways, but some are more common than others. For example, an accident involving certain types of vehicles, such as a garbage truck, may not happen as frequently as other types of accidents. With that said, these accidents still pose a major risk to drivers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. On the road, it is pivotal to be aware of any hazards and some of the unique challenges associated with waste collection.

Some tips for driving in poor weather conditions

Weather-related hazards can lead to a wreck at any time of year. However, there are certain months, such as those during the winter, which can be especially dangerous. Truck drivers may have to watch out for a number of hazards, depending on where they live, which might include heavy rain, snow, ice on the roads, fog, and strong winds. Sometimes, drivers push themselves to drive even when weather conditions are poor, such as those who need to get to work or take care of an important responsibility. If there is a possibility that poor weather could increase the likelihood of a crash, there are a number of tips that drivers should keep in mind if they decide to take to the road. That said, drivers should never out themselves in danger or drive if road conditions are not safe.

AAA: Drowsy driving accidents 8 times higher than prior estimates

"Drivers who don't get enough sleep are putting everyone on the road at risk," said the executive director of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. "By conducting an in-depth analysis using video of everyday drivers, we can now better assess if a driver was fatigued in the moments leading up to a crash."

How truck accidents happen

We’ve all seen the aftermath of a serious truck accident along highways, freeways and the Pennsylvania turnpike. Truck accidents fall under that category of a scene so horrible you can’t look away. While the truck often appears none-the-worse off for the crash, we are left to wonder what could possibly have happened to the poor driver and passengers in the smaller car that is often crushed beyond recognition.

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