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Study looks at behavior changes from TBI

Pennsylvania readers might be interested to learn that individuals who suffer from a traumatic brain injury may show behavior changes soon after their injury has occurred. There are two ways that a trauma-related brain disease might develop; either the person will exhibit behavior and mood disorders or they'll exhibit cognitive impairment.

Assessing consciousness in brain damaged patients

Researchers are still looking for a reliable way to measure the level of consciousness in patients with severe brain trauma. It is hard to assess the level of consciousness in these patients because many cannot even blink or move their fingers. A team of researchers from Italy says that current methods that assess images of the brain or the level of neuron activity are not reliable.

Failure to follow procedure leads to patient's brain injury?

A 19-year old man was brought into the hospital after being accidentally shot in the jaw. Though the patient's airway passage was reportedly still obstructed, the doctors decided to go ahead with surgery in any case. However, since the anesthesiologist apparently did not follow regular procedures, the breathing tube was accidentally dislodged and the patient was left without oxygen for close to 7 or 8 minutes.

Surgeon operates on wrong side of skull

A 67-year old woman suffering from a brain malady called trigeminal neuralgia went under surgery twice for this same syndrome. The reason why she had to undergo the procedure twice is because the first time the surgery was performed the surgeon reportedly performed it on the wrong size of the woman's skull.

Failure to respond left patient brain damaged

A patient remained untreated for nine minutes after going into cardiac arrest at a medical center. Though the patient was revived, he suffered severe brain injury and his family later decided to remove him from life support.

Boy suffers brain damage during outpatient surgery

One particular county has decided to settle out a medical malpractice lawsuit for $20 million. The patient was a 3-year old boy that underwent outpatient surgery at one of the county's hospitals. However, because the boy was reportedly deprived of oxygen for between 5 to 7 minutes, the child is now described as "profoundly" brain damaged.

Anesthesia errors and brain injuries

A study of 9,500 complaints filed against anesthesiologists found that most injuries experienced by patients were preventable. Though no fault was found on the part of the anesthesiologist in close to half of the claims, many of the injuries were blamed upon the specialist as "not following directions or not being vigilant."

Young mother suffers brain injury during child delivery

A mother of a newborn child may have received too much anesthesia while undergoing a Cesarean section. It has been reported that after two hours of labor without any progression, the woman was then administered an epidural to provide local anesthesia. However, because the epidural apparently became dislodged, the woman was then additionally given a spinal anesthesia.

Failure to insert tube results in fatal brain injury

A jury recently returned a $1.9 million verdict to the family of a deceased man that died three days after surgery. The patient had undergone an endoscopy procedure to repair a tear to the stomach, but he subsequently died of brain injuries.

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