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Can I file a lawsuit after suffering from a brain injury?

Individuals who have suffered from a brain injury in Pennsylvania may be able to file a lawsuit against another party who was directly responsible for their injury. The person who suffered the injury would need to have proof that another party's negligent or intentional action caused them to suffer from the brain injury. If the victim is a minor, their parents may bring the lawsuit against the liable party.

Types of traumatic brain injury

A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury that Pennsylvania residents might be familiar with, but other types of TBI can occur due to things like falls, motor vehicle accidents and blows to the head. A penetrating injury takes place when the skull is penetrated and a foreign object damages specific parts of the brain. The other major type of TBI is a closed head injury, which happens when one suffers a blow to the head. This can result in primary or secondary brain damage.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

Pittsburgh football fans may understand that traumatic brain injuries are a serious concern in the sport, but they may not completely understand the issue. Additionally, it can be important to understand that the issue can affect the lives of many who are not involved in sports. In fact, millions of residents of the United States are affected by such injuries annually.

Anoxic brain injuries could be caused by medical malpractice

Pennsylvania residents may be aware that medical malpractice can often lead to brain injuries. However, they may not know what types of brain injuries it can cause. One type of serious brain injury one can suffer is anoxic brain injury.

FIFA sued for soccer players' concussions

Pittsburgh Steelers fans may be aware that football players frequently suffer injuries during play, but what they may not know is that soccer players also face a risk of suffering a concussion on the field. In fact, a class-action lawsuit was recently filed in federal court against FIFA and U.S.-based soccer associations alleging that the groups failed to implement an effective policy to detect and handle concussions.

Pennsylvania hospital fined by state agency

Carlisle Regional Medical Center was fined $12,000 by the Pennsylvania Department of Health stemming from a patient's death due to a head injury on Feb. 20, which is the highest possible fine that can be levied. The department claimed that the hospital erred in leaving the patient alone and for failing to document the incident. State law requires that hospitals send a report to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority when a patient unexpectedly suffers a serious injury or dies.

New head injury study underway

University of Pittsburgh researchers have joined 19 other U.S. institutions in an $18.8 million National Institutes of Health study on traumatic brain injuries. The clinical director of the Brain Trauma Research Center at Pitt and associate professor of neurological surgery leads the local part of the project. This five-year study is one of the largest international research collaborations ever assembled by funding agencies and is to be conducted through the University of California San Francisco.

Is the ICU bad for you?

A recent study has demonstrated that a prolonged stay in the intensive care unit at a hospital could be very detrimental to brain activity in the future. The mental loss can sometimes stay with the patient for up to a year, and a quarter of the patients suffer damage that mirrors mild forms of Alzheimer's disease. ICUs tend to care for the body's other organs while assuming that the brain will remain unaffected.

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