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Listen Up! This Overlooked Workplace Injury Is Now The Most Common

The average American doesn't pay much attention to the everyday activities that slowly cause hearing damage. It is easy overlook the occasional concert, loud restaurant or sporting event. Employees who work in noisy environments can be just as forgetful. The machinery noises at construction sites and in manufacturing warehouses begin to sound like background noise. People need to start paying attention because hearing loss is now the most common workplace injury in the U.S.

Work-related injuries for exposure to dangerous chemicals

Work-related injuries happen to all sorts of employees at all types of jobs in all types of industries. The medical field is probably the most dangerous industry out there, with approximately 45% of all workplace injuries in the U.S. occurring in the healthcare sector, according to Medical News Today. Most of the accidents that occur affect nurses, nurses' aides, and orderlies; however, there is another very dangerous position employed by hospitals: housekeeping.

Coal companies required to pay BLBA benefits to widows

Survivors' benefits can be paid to widows of deceased coal miners because of health care reform changes that have been enacted. Pittsburgh workers' compensation attorneys will find that the 4th Circuit ruling opens the doors to assist those spouses and children surviving area coal miners who have succumbed to pneumoconiosis, also known as black lung disease. Although their initial claims were denied, two women filed new claims after the 2010 enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The success of their effort provides hope to additional coal mining families.

Negligence, recklessness alleged in building collapse

The first negligence lawsuit on the behalf of a woman has been filed after a highly publicized building collapse in Philadelphia at the beginning of June. The woman, along with 12 others, was injured after the workplace accident on June 6 when the building was crushed as another building next door was torn down. Six people, including one man and five women, lost their lives during the accident. The victim was working as a clerk when the building fell.

Truck driver injured in truck explosion

Some occupations require the employees to endure long working hours, dangerous environments or high risks. Those employed in jobs that have the potential to be dangerous are usually provided specified training in order to reduce the chances of work accidents. By increasing work safety, the risks of an on-the-job injury are lowered. In addition, the employer will not have a disruption in productivity because they will not have an employee out recovering after a workplace accident.

Report reveals that 150 U.S. deaths per day are work related

Pennsylvania residents might be interested to hear that a report by the AFL-CIO found that approximately 150 people per day died in 2011 because of work-related injuries or illnesses. Of those deaths, approximately 13 were reported to be fatal workplace injuries while the remaining deaths were attributed to work-related illnesses. Studies show that while work-related fatalities have gone down over the years, in recent years, the downward trend has halted, leaving the number of work-related deaths unchanged for the past three years.

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