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Hospitals profiting off of medical errors

A couple of studies raise concerns that medical providers may not have the financial incentives to improve safety at their facilities. A recent Pennsylvania study indicated that the number of adverse events that led to patient industry were extremely widespread. Also, a Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) study found that hospitals actually may have a higher profit margin due to surgeries that resulted in extra complications because hospitals were reimbursed more by insurance companies and Medicare for these procedures because extra care is required.

Simple steps by medical staff can avoid medication errors

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority voiced concerns about medical mistakes that only come to the attention of doctors after it is too late. Specifically, medication errors are one of the chief complaints when it comes to doctor' errors and medical mistakes.

Woman's brain injury may be result of poor safety practices

In a neighboring state of Pennsylvania, a woman was admitted to the hospital to have a pacemaker installed. Though the surgery appeared to be successful, hospital staff then purportedly dropped the woman from a gurney while still under anesthesia and the woman suffered severe brain injury.

Communication from nurses can prevent medical errors

We've spoken many times about the need for better communication among medical staff to prevent medical errors from occurring. Yet when a medical culture exists in Pennsylvania medical facilities where the nurse and the physician are not considered to be playing on the same field, nurses are often hesitant to speak up when the dangers of a medical mistake occurring are great.

Prevention of surgical errors

Of all the kinds of medical malpractice that can occur in Pittsburgh, surgical errors may well be the most devastating. Often the result of such an error can lead to a condition much worse than what the surgery was designed to treat. It may require more additional procedures to correct the mistake, it may result in disfigurement and longer debilitation, and in the worst case scenarios it can lead to death.

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