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Traumatic brain injuries change brain structure

New research indicates that traumatic brain injuries may actually change brain structure in a way that leads to impaired brain function. Pennsylvania residents who have had brain injuries, even mild ones, may be at risk for developing memory difficulties or other cognitive problems from these changes.

Challenges faced by people with traumatic brain injuries

Among people in Pennsylvania with traumatic brain injuries, the symptoms can span a wide range of physical, behavioral and cognitive changes. Sometimes a person can recover, but others may require care and support for the rest of their lives.

Illnesses that are frequently misdiagnosed

When health issues are a concern, Pittsburgh patients may want to be aware of conditions and illnesses that can be missed because of an incorrect diagnosis. Although issues such as surgical and medication errors typically get more publicity, studies indicate that misdiagnosis is a more common problem, potentially playing a role in up to 20 percent of medical cases.

New head injury study underway

University of Pittsburgh researchers have joined 19 other U.S. institutions in an $18.8 million National Institutes of Health study on traumatic brain injuries. The clinical director of the Brain Trauma Research Center at Pitt and associate professor of neurological surgery leads the local part of the project. This five-year study is one of the largest international research collaborations ever assembled by funding agencies and is to be conducted through the University of California San Francisco.

Man seeks medical malpractice attorneys in mom's death

A man is suing a Pennsylvania hospital because he claims that a fault in their digital health records system caused his mother's death. He had taken his mother to the hospital because she was showing symptoms of a stroke. After the facility admitted her, the man, who is a doctor, checked the hospital's digital records to confirm that her necessary heart medication was listed. It was; however, when she began to have heart problems, he double checked the chart and was shocked to see the medication had been removed. She ended up having emergency surgery because of blood clotting but died anyway.

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