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Missed diagnosis often result of doctor not talking or listening

A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine raises concerns about the number of instances where a diagnosis is missed by a doctor. Of the 190 or so failure to diagnose errors discovered, approximately two-thirds of those errors were linked to incidents that occurred during a visit to the doctor.

Boy treated and released from hospital dies of septic shock

Doctors and nurses providing the bare minimum while conducting tasks at a hospital would generally not be considered adequate care. A failure to follow a safety checklist or not communicating medical information can result in the injury or death of a patient.

Simple steps by medical staff can avoid medication errors

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority voiced concerns about medical mistakes that only come to the attention of doctors after it is too late. Specifically, medication errors are one of the chief complaints when it comes to doctor' errors and medical mistakes.

Radiology and medical malpractice

Radiologists are not immune to being sued for medical malpractice. In fact, the failure to read a scan properly, the failure to diagnose an ailment, or the failure to follow-up on a potential medical problem can lead to devastating results for patients.

A 12-year old boy dies of untreated infection

A 12-year old boy is sent home from the hospital, even though lab results show that he is suffering from a severe infection. Neither the boy's doctor nor his family is notified about the infection, and three days later the boy dies of septic shock.

Cancer is often misdiagnosed in young people

If a survey taken in the UK is any indication, officials in Pittsburgh and across the United States may wish to check out the manner in which doctors are conducting cancer diagnosis. The study showed that doctors failed to diagnose cancer in approximately one third of their patients between the ages of 13 and 24 when symptoms of cancer were present.

Prescription errors the result of poor handwriting?

We've written before about prescription errors made in hospitals simply because pharmacists and medical staff were unable to read the doctor's handwriting. So while Pennsylvania hospitals are using more sophisticated means for treating their patients, nevertheless doctors remain reluctant to use advancements when it comes to something as simple as informing other individuals what medication and dosage a patient should take.

Communication from nurses can prevent medical errors

We've spoken many times about the need for better communication among medical staff to prevent medical errors from occurring. Yet when a medical culture exists in Pennsylvania medical facilities where the nurse and the physician are not considered to be playing on the same field, nurses are often hesitant to speak up when the dangers of a medical mistake occurring are great.

Lack of empathy and medical malpractice

A professor at the University of Pennsylvania medical school stated that empathy is now being emphasized as part of medical training. Only the treating doctors themselves could not figure out that the need for empathy was absolutely essential in treating patients, and that such empathy actually reduces the possibility of error leading to medical malpractice claims.

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