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Family members bring wrongful death suit against Bruce Jenner

Reality show fans in Pennsylvania be interested to know that a spokesperson from the California court system confirmed a lawsuit against medalist and reality star Bruce Jenner. The lawsuit is related to an accident from February, which was part of an ongoing police investigation. The action came a week after Jenner made his transition from male to female public.

Traumatic brain injuries change brain structure

New research indicates that traumatic brain injuries may actually change brain structure in a way that leads to impaired brain function. Pennsylvania residents who have had brain injuries, even mild ones, may be at risk for developing memory difficulties or other cognitive problems from these changes.

Measles cases on the rise

Pennsylvania residents might be interested in news reports suggesting that parents and pedestrians may be contributing to the increasing number of measles cases. At least 64 confirmed measles cases during January are on pace to account for one of the largest outbreaks of the disease in the past 20 years. Many of the younger physicians do not have the experience in recognizing the danger that potential measles symptoms could present.

Assisted delivery and complications

If there are problems encountered in a normal childbirth, many doctors in Pennsylvania use forceps to make the delivery process easier. A forceps is a medical instrument that resembles two large spoons joined at the bottom. Forceps are used to pull the baby out of the vaginal canal when the mother is too tired to push the rest of the way or when medical emergency requires a faster delivery than the mother can give.

When rehospitalization occurs after traumatic brain injuries

A study that took place in 1999 looked at the number of rehospitalizations after one suffers a serious brain injury and why re-admittance to a hospital occurred. This information could be relevant to those in Pennsylvania who have suffered a brain injury or their families, life care planners, researchers and health care providers.

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