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Tylenol may be responsible for liver damage

In a products liability lawsuit filed here in Pennsylvania, individuals claim to have suffered liver damage as the result of taking Tylenol. The plaintiffs in this matter assert that the manufacturer of the Tylenol in question, McNeil PPC, Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson, concealed information regarding liver toxicity risks and the potential for liver failure.

Manufacturer of Zoloft sued for wrongful death

A couple has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Pennsylvania courts against Pfizer, Inc. over the drug Zoloft. It has been claimed by the couple that the wife's ingestion of the drug during pregnancy led to the death of their newborn child soon after the child was born.

Topical pain relievers causing burns when applied

Periodically, it is discovered that consumer medical products do more harm than good. This appears to be the case with certain topical pain relievers that are applied to the skin that ultimately can result in serious burns.

The FDA and recalls of defective drugs

A possible reason why there are so many products liability lawsuits brought against drug companies in Pennsylvania is because there is insufficient information released concerning drugs once these products have been recalled. A study suggests that health care providers are not sufficiently warned about the risks of the defective drugs being recalled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Also, such providers might not even be aware that the FDA had recalled such drugs at all.

Prescription drugs, generic drugs and product warnings

A manufacturer of a particular drug wants all generic brands of the same medication to display a warning that the drug causes high blood pressure and suicidal ideation. This clearly suggests that we may be dealing with a dangerous and defective drug.

More risks found in taking Prilosec

A few years ago a University of Pennsylvania study suggested that use of the drug Prilosec and other proton pump inhibitors was related to an increased risk of hip fracture. Now it has been found that Prilosec and other such inhibitors may also be tied to chronic diarrhea and severe intestinal problems.

Johnson & Johnson forced to produce safer drugs?

Johnson & Johnson, a drug manufacturer that has a facility here in Pennsylvania, has had 25 products recalled since 2009. From insulin pumps to rheumatoid arthritis drugs, the company has implemented such recalls in an attempt to limit its exposure to product liability litigation.

Pennsylvania jury links drug to cancer

A Pennsylvania court recently brought back a $72 million verdict in a product liability and defective drug action against the manufacturer of a hormone replacement drug. The jury verdict followed claims by three women that taking the drug, designed to ease menopause, ultimately led to breast cancer.

False drug advertisement case being tried in Pennsylvania

A popular contraceptive may have turned out to be a dangerous prescription medication. Bayer AG allegedly promoted a birth control pill as a treatment for premenstrual syndrome. They were planning on marketing the pill for such treatments while at the same time failing to disclose that the drug is linked with the presence of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes.

Defective drug case being tried in Pennsylvania

A push recently in a federal Pennsylvania court for a drug manufacturer to resolve pending product liability claims has come about after that same company agreed to pay $3 billion to settle other claims concerning illegally marketing of a diabetic medication. This came after the company allegedly paid off doctors and manipulated research to promote their drug.

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