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Investigation of Potential Hepatitis C Exposure Associated with Hays Medical Center

The Hays Medical Center, associated with the potential exposure of the hepatitis c virus, is under investigation. As of October of 2012, 474 patients have potentially been exposed, 416 are available for testing and 391 have submitted specimens. 374 patients have had negative results of hepatitis c and there are 6 people with the infection genetically closely related to the current outbreak. The investigation is still ongoing.

CBMC Files a second lawsuit against UPMC Presby, Maxim Staffing Solutions, Inc. and Medical Solutions, LLC for Hepatitis C

Today we filed a second lawsuit on behalf of two plaintiffs against UPMC Presbyterian, Maxim Staffing Solutions, Inc., and Medical Solutions, LLC, for medical negligence in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County.  The plaintiffs in this case, Thomas D. Walters and Clara M. Walters, allege that Thomas was infected with Hepatitis C while he was being treated atHays Medical Center in Hays, Kansas, by a dirty needle used by David Kwiatkowski.

NH Attorney says Med Tech Spread Hepatitis in 2008

It is believed that a 65-year-old Vietnam Veterean was infected with Hepatitis C in 2008 when traveling med tech David Kwiatkowski worked there. Kiwatkowski tested positive for the disease in 2010 but they believe he had it earlier and that this opens it up for potentially more victims.

First Baltimore Victim of Hepatitis C Infected Hospital Tech Comes Forward

Four years ago Vietnam Veteran, Linwood Nelson, was being treated at the Baltimore VA Hospital. The same time that David Kwiatkowski, traveling med tech, was working there.  Kwiatkowski was caught using syringes intended for patients and tested positive for Hepatits C. Nelson now has Hep C and authorities are tracing it back to Kwiatkowski.

Baltimore Man Says He Was Infected With Hepatitis C by Traveling Hospital Staffer

Vietnam Veterean, Linwood Nelson, was being treated at the Baltimore VA Hospital at the time that David Kwiatkowski was a med tech.  Nelson now has Hepatitis C and it is believed to have been from Kwiatkowski using dirty needles and syringes.

Lawyer Claims Baltimore VA Medical Center Infected Client With Hep-C

A 65-year-old Vietnam Veteran now has Hepatitis C.  He was at the Baltimore VA Hospital at the same time that med tech David Kwiatkowski was working.  Kwiatkowski has Hepatitis C and was caught using dirty needles and syringes.

Arrest of Med Tech with Hepititis C shows flaws in health care system in Pittsburgh

In 2008, radiology technician David Kwiatkowski was a few weeks into a temporary job at the UPMC Presbyterian when a co-worker accused him of lifting a syringe containing an addictive painkiller from an operating room and sticking it down his pants.  A drug test showed that he had fentanyl and other opiates in his system and more syringes were found in his pockets and locker.

Hepatitis C 'Serial Infector' Could Have Spread Disease to Thousands

David Kwiatkowski was allegedly using syringes containing Fentanyl intended for patients leading to the spread of Hepatitis C.  He was injecting the drug into his own arm then refilling the syringes with saline to give to patients.

UPMC sets up call center for people who believe they were infected with Hepatitis C

Today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that "UPMC sets up call center in hepatitis C case." The article provides information for patients infected with hepatitis C and includes a phone number to their call center. The call center has been established in response to the actions taken by a former hospital technician employed at UPMC Presbyterian in 2008. The employee, Mr. David Kwiatkowski, has been accused of infecting patients at UPMC Presbyterian with hepatitis C after knowingly replacing and refilling infected syringes. Mr. Kwiatkowski may be facing similar accusations while working at hospitals and healthcare facilities in Kansas, New York, Michigan, Maryland and New Hampshire.

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