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Soccer player files lawsuit against doctor concerning concussion

With the tremendous amount of publicity being focused upon concussions involving athletes, little focus has been upon the role of physicians when a possible concussion has been suffered. Bryan Namoff, a soccer player, has now filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against such a physician alleging that his career was cut short because the physician cleared him too soon to return to play.

Consumer Reports ranks hospital care and safety

According to a Consumer Reports' ranking of hospital safety throughout the United States, at least one Pennsylvania hospital was mentioned for its exemplary care. Lancaster General Hospital had what was called the best readmission rate of all hospitals - meaning that readmission to a hospital was not required due to doctor errors or to poor care.

Medical malpractice claim numbers in Pennsylvania

There's been debate whether the decrease in medical malpractice claims filed in Pennsylvania has been due to rule changes or is part of a nationwide trend that is seeing a reduction in claims being filed. During the past decade while health care costs have increasing risen across the nation, medical malpractice payments have decreased by about 12 percent.

Is too much medical testing being conducted?

There are arguments going on as to whether medical testing is being overused and whether this is the equivalent of medical negligence. In Pennsylvania, CT scan are recommended for patients showing no neurological symptoms, electrocardiograms are recommended for patients with no history of heart disease, and MRIs are provided to patients that complain of headaches.

Misdiagnosis leads to woman suffering a stroke

A 33-year old woman reported to the emergency room with intense headaches and had a blood pressure reading of 204/97. However, after a doctor misdiagnosed a hemorrhagic stroke as a migraine, the woman soon after woke up paralyzed and unable to speak. Six years after the accident she still needs help dressing and walking.

Use of c-sections unrelated to medical malpractice claims

The number of Caesarean sections performed in Pennsylvania and across the United States is extremely high as compared to the rest of the world. And though the World Health Organization has suggested that the rate of such c-sections should not go above 15 percent of births, in the United States the rate is now above 30 percent.

Unnecessary surgical procedure results in woman's stroke

Every Pittsburgh patient probably would dread having to go under the knife for even the most necessary of procedures. Sadly, certain doctors prescribe unnecessary procedures for their patients and such procedures often result in surgical errors.

Was a Pennsylvania doctor pressured into making a mistake?

In what must be considered one of the most unusual legal matters ever tried in Pennsylvania, a doctor and nurse must now answer to a number of assertions that they caused the death of a man by reversing that man's medically induced sedation. The reason given as to why the sedation was reversed was because law enforcement officers wished to effectuate an arraignment.

Lumbar herniation treatments and medical malpractice

Surgery is frequently performed concerning lumbar herniations, and a small handful of such surgeries are performed to treat what is referred to as cauda equine syndrome. This syndrome usually arises when bladder dysfunction also happens to be present in the patient.

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