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Brain injury symptoms to watch out for

The dangers of brain injuries simply cannot be overstated. There are very few other injuries that have the long-lasting, life-altering effects that a brain injury has. Broken bones and cuts can be set and stitched, and within a few months or years, you will likely be good as new. With many brain injuries, no amount of time will ever help you become the person you were before the injury.

Prematurity and preventing brain injuries

Pennsylvania parents may be interested to learn about a recent study that shows administering certain medications can help prevent the occurrence of permanent brain injuries in infants who are born prematurely. The study demonstrated that a neurotransmitter helps to prevent brain injuries and abnormalities from occurring following a premature birth.

The effects of brain injury

For people in Pennsylvania and throughout the country, a brain injury can have many long-lasting effects on one's well-being. The exact effects of such an injury depend on which side of the brain was hurt. For instance, if the right side of the brain was hurt, an individual could have trouble moving the left side of their body. It may also be harder to think of "the big picture" when making plans or trying to solve problems.

The treatment and management of sports concussions

In March of 2013, the guidelines on how to manage and evaluate sports concussions were updated by the American Academy of Neurology. These guidelines, which had not been updated since 1997, were changed significantly. Pennsylvania residents should make note of these recommendations, especially if they are active in sports or if their children participate.

Challenges faced by people with traumatic brain injuries

Among people in Pennsylvania with traumatic brain injuries, the symptoms can span a wide range of physical, behavioral and cognitive changes. Sometimes a person can recover, but others may require care and support for the rest of their lives.

Joan Rivers' death raises questions about surgery centers

Pennsylvania residents may be less eager to have procedures done at outpatient surgery centers following the death of Joan Rivers. After the famed comedienne died at Yorkville Endoscopy on Sept. 4, many people have become concerned about the safety of freestanding surgery centers that are not connected to or affiliated with hospitals.

When rehospitalization occurs after traumatic brain injuries

A study that took place in 1999 looked at the number of rehospitalizations after one suffers a serious brain injury and why re-admittance to a hospital occurred. This information could be relevant to those in Pennsylvania who have suffered a brain injury or their families, life care planners, researchers and health care providers.

How common are wrong-site surgeries?

Pennsylvania residents benefit from nationwide programs to reduce the incidence of wrong-procedure, wrong-site, and wrong-patient surgeries. Respected agencies and commissions have released national protocols designed to reduce the incidence of such medical errors as much as possible. These programs have been widely successful, and the odds of encountering such an error are exceedingly low.

Universal Protocol could reduce surgical errors in Pennsylvania

Informed patients could reduce their surgery risks by screening their physicians for adherence to proper protocols. Surgical errors have long been a problem, but research from the past two decades has found that certain common errors are largely preventable. The Universal Protocol for Wrong-Site Surgery, for instance, addresses the preventable causes in a majority of cases. An understanding of the causes of wrong-site surgery could help patients avoid worsened conditions or fatal surgical errors.

Pennsylvania hospital fined by state agency

Carlisle Regional Medical Center was fined $12,000 by the Pennsylvania Department of Health stemming from a patient's death due to a head injury on Feb. 20, which is the highest possible fine that can be levied. The department claimed that the hospital erred in leaving the patient alone and for failing to document the incident. State law requires that hospitals send a report to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority when a patient unexpectedly suffers a serious injury or dies.

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