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Obtaining workers' comp over a work-related traffic crash

If you were injured in an accident that recently occurred while you were carrying out your duties as a taxi driver, truck driver, or another job which requires driving, you could be struggling to work through any number of difficult problems. Aside from mental trauma, such as flashbacks or even depression, you could be having a hard time with hospital bills or even day-to-day expenses. As a result, it is vital for you to look into different resources that you could use to move forward with your life, such as workers' compensation, depending on how the accident occurred.

A closer look at repetitive stress injuries

People are hurt at work in many different ways, whether they sustain an injury on a construction site or are hurt in a workplace accident that occurs on the road. However, it is also important to bear in mind that some workplace injuries happen in work environments that may be seem as relatively risk-free. For example, an office worker who may not be exposed to as many work-related hazards as those employed in other fields could suffer an injury due to repetitive stress.

Recovering from an auto accident that occurred while working

On a daily basis, many workers face an array of stressors while carrying out their job responsibilities. In some instances, these duties may require them to drive. For some people, their job revolves around driving, such as a trucker or taxi driver. For others, an employer may ask them to run an errand, which can lead to a crash. If you were hurt in a crash while working, our law firm realizes the diverse challenges you could be working through and believes that you should protect your rights.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejects parts of workers’ comp laws

In a recent ruling this June by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional a section of the Worker's Compensation Act regarding how the impairment percentage is established to determine the workers' compensation and disability benefits a claimant can receive.

Changing careers due to a work injury

If you sustained an injury at work, a wide variety of challenges may be on the table. On the one hand, you could be going through physical pain or financial problems stemming from lost wages. Moreover, you could be struggling due to medical costs or other hardships associated with your accident. Our firm understands that some work-related injuries are so serious, injured workers are not able to recover enough to be able to return to their previous position. In some cases, they may never be able to work in a particular field again.

Risk factors and symptoms of mesothelioma

Workers in Pennsylvania who work around asbestos need to be aware of mesothelioma, which is a common side effect of working in those conditions. A form of cancer, mesothelioma affects the layer of tissue that covers internal organs, and it is aggressive and often deadly.

Addressing a repetitive stress injury

Many workers recognize the inherent risks associated with certain fields, such as construction and mining. From falls to dangerous machinery, those employed in these lines of work certainly do face many risks on the job. However, even those with seemingly low-risk occupations, such as office workers, may be hurt in the workplace. Our law firm is aware of the consequences associated with repetitive stress injuries for those who work in various fields. In Allegheny, and across the whole state of Pennsylvania, these injuries can make life incredibly difficult.

Be aware of the heat if your job is outdoors

In a ten year study completed by the CDC, it was reported that there were more than 7,200 deaths due to exposure to high levels of heat and humidity.  That is more than 650 deaths each year due to heat related issues.   When the body is exposed to high levels of humidity, it becomes harder to sweat which is the way the body works to cool down the body's core temperature.  Heat related conditions that can result in severe injury or death include:

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejects parts of workers' comp laws

In a recent ruling this June by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional a section of the Worker's Compensation Act regarding how the impairment percentage is established to determine the workers' compensation and disability benefits a claimant can receive.

A closer look at the importance of workers' compensation

For a majority of the people in Pennsylvania's workforce, the practice of going to work each day is an imperative decision to make a living and acquire adequate financial support. However, many of these workers face unique challenges associated with their profession that can sometimes put their lives in jeopardy. This is where workers' compensation insurance comes into play.

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