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In an artical posted by the Pitsburgh Post-Gazette, July 11, 2017, experts predict the number of tick bites will have a significant surge in 2017, meaning more people will be at risk for contracting tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease.

Industrial machinery: A leading cause of workplace fatalites

Labor studies have shown an increase in worker related fatalities caused when employees are caught in industrial machinery. Across all industries, more than 150 workers a year are killed by being caught in machinery and equipment. In addition, more 30,000 workers suffered injuries ranging from minor bruises and lacerations, to amputations. In fact being caught in machinery was the number one cause of worker amputation in private sector business.

Workplace injury statistics

While workplace injuries and accidents may not seem like a very common occurrence, the fact is that more than 1.1 million days of work are lost by U.S. employees due to a workplace injury every year. More dangerous work conditions, jobs that require more physical labor, and even stressful time delivery schedules can all lead to worker related accidents and injuries.

Construction injuries: What are the most common causes of site related injuries?

Of the more than 3 million non-fatal work-related injuries reported to the CDC, more than 9% were related to the construction industry. With dangerous equipment, long hours, more stringent physical requirements, and a less safe work environment it comes as no surprise that the construction sector faces a greater risk of worker accident and injury resulting in disability.

Retired? You may still be at risk of Mesothelioma from your job.

While lifestyle factors and genetics may play a role in the development of certain cancers, exposure to workplace related risks can also increase your development for such cancers as malignant mesothelioma. With a significant delay in the development of mesothelioma after exposure, it is important to know the risk factors to ensure proper monitoring.

Four common causes of office injuries

Even though office employees spend most of their day indoors and often sitting at a desk, they are not immune from workplace injuries. In fact, more than $15 billion in workers compensation is paid each year on work-related musculoskeletal injuries with many of those claims coming from employees in an office environment.

The problem of work-related deaths in Pennsylvania communities

Each year, Pennsylvania employees lose their lives due to work-related accidents. Despite significant advancements in workplace safety, the figures remain appalling. These occupational deaths are tragic for so many reasons, not the least of which is the actual loss of a life. The aftermath usually means the loved ones of the deceased worker will suffer from grief, loss and a severely reduced income.

Industrial accidents can range from minor to deadly

Industrial accidents are often very complex accidents that have a variety of outcomes. Some workers might come out of the accident with only minimal injury. Others might not make it out of the accident alive. In either case, it is crucial that the person who was injured or the family members of the deceased person understand their rights regarding compensation.

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