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Meningitis Outbreak: 424 Cases, 31 Deaths

The current outbreak of fungal meningitis has sickened 424, 414 of those have joint infections, and have taken the life of 31 patients. Fungal meningitis is being linked to contaminated steroids that came from a compounding pharmacy in Framingham, Massachusetts. The New England Compounding Center is responsible for shipping out around 17,000 vials of methylprednisolone acetate, steroids injected for back pain. It is not sure how the fungus got into the sterile vials but it is believed that 14,000 patients could have been exposed to the fungus.

Illinois reports 2nd case of fungal meningitis

A Chicago resident has been treated and is recovering after reporting symptoms of fungal meningitis. This case is the second to be reported in the state of Illinois. The patient had received an injection from one of the three APAC Centers for Pain Management that had received a shipment of contaminated steroids from a specialty pharmacy in Illinois.

2 new drugs tied to meningitis, fungal infection in multi-state outbreak

The investigation of the drugs linked to the current outbreak of fungal meningitis now has two more that are being looked at. The Food and Drug Administration is now investigating another injectable steroid and a cardioplegic solution, a drug used during open heart surgery. One patient has developed fungal meningitis symptoms after receiving a lower back injection of the other steroid being used and two patients have after getting heart transplants. Officials stated that it is too early to determine whether or not they are related to the current outbreak, but the two new drugs were also distributed by the New England Compounding Center.

Ameridose recalls all drugs after FDA finds problems with its sterility testing

The specialty pharmacy Ameridose, sister company of the pharmacy at the center of the fungal meningitis outbreak has began recalling its products. The FDA found issues with sterility when inspecting the pharmacy. Ameridose is the sister company of the New England Compounding Center who also has recalled all of its products and has stopped production while investigations continue.

US meningitis death toll rises to 28

Two more patients dead in Michigan and one more in Tennessee bring the death toll from fungal meningitis to 28. 363 have been sickened because of the outbreak; there are 356 total cases of fungal meningitis and seven being blamed on peripheral joint infections. Fungal meningitis is being linked to tainted vials that were shipped to 23 states by a compounding pharmacy out of Framingham, Massachusetts. Of the 23 states that received bad batches of steroids, only four haven't reported any cases.

Minnesota records 10th fungal meningitis case

A woman who received an injection of steroids is now being treated for fungal meningitis. The 60-year-old woman who got the injection at Medical Advanced Pain Specialists is the 10th case in the state of Minnesota to develop fungal meningitis. Medical Advance Pain Specialists is one of two offices to confirm receiving shipments of the steroids from the New England Compounding Center.

Meningitis outbreak spreads to 19 states with case in Rhode Island

The current outbreak of fungal meningitis has reached its 19th state. The first case in the state of Rhode Island has been reported. Out of the 23 states who received shipments of steroids from the New England Compounding Center, only four have yet to report an actual case of fungal meningitis. The deadly fungal meningitis is being linked to contaminated steroids that were shipped from the New England Compounding Center, located in Framingham, Massachusetts. Three lots of methylprednisolone acetate, tainted by a fungus were distributed throughout the United States and patients are developing fungal meningitis.

State officials close another pharmacy since fungal meningitis outbreak

The current outbreak of fungal meningitis has killed 25 and sickened 344. After a surprise inspection, a specialty compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts has closed because of concerns with sterility. Infusion Resource has closed because of unsanitary conditions. They prepare sterile, injectable medications for patients and were caught administering injections which they were not licensed to do. Infusion Resource voluntarily surrendered their pharmacy license. The Executive Director said they will work on making the environment sterile and fixing things like a broken window to ensure the safety of the drugs.

CDC: 11 more cases tied to fungal meningitis outbreak

The cases of fungal meningitis from the current outbreak continue to rise. It has risen by 11 making the total number of cases 328. Five of the cases are related to peripheral joint infections. Fungal meningitis is being linked to the contaminated vials of methylprednisolone acetate that was shipped out by the compounding pharmacy out of Framingham, Massachusetts, the New England Compounding Center. The company has since shut down production and recalled all of its products while under investigation.

Fungal meningitis update: 3 more cases, 1 in Marion

A 50-year-old man confirmed having gotten fungal meningitis after receiving a contaminated injected steroid from Marion County Pain Management Center in Florida. The Florida Health Department reported that three more cases, the 50-year-old man and two others from Escambia County, of fungal meningitis were confirmed. 1,038 patients in Florida were notified to get checked after receiving an injection of methylprednisolone acetate.

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