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Is the X-LITE guardrail system hazardous during crashes?

A South Carolina woman was riding in an SUV driven by her husband when the vehicle went off the side of the road and hit a guardrail. Highway guardrails are meant to absorb the impact of a crash, keep the vehicle from going too far off the roadway, and perform another critical function. The pieces are supposed to "telescope," or fold into one another so that the long metal pieces do not cause additional danger.

Landlord responsibilities for injuries on grounds and parking lots

Depending on the type of rental and lease agreement you have, your landlord may or may not be responsible for maintaining walkway and parking lot areas and keeping them free from ice, snow, and hazards. Some instances in which your landlord has the responsibility of maintenance are:

Can you refuse to do a dangerous job?

If your employer gives you a job to do and you feel like the conditions are too hazardous, so you're afraid for your safety, you can refuse to do the job. However, experts advise you not to do this unless four very crucial conditions have been satisfied. These conditions are as follows:

Financial implications of accidents can be severe

In a previous blog post, we discussed how it is crucial for stairs and ladders to be kept in proper working order because people can be seriously injured if they fall from them, or if there is a collapse. The injuries that can occur when there is an accident involving stairs or ladders can range from minor bruising to death.

Stair safety is important in all environments

Stairs and ladders are very important tools that some people count on to be able to daily activities. It is crucial that stairs and ladders are manufactured, installed, used, and maintained properly to help ensure that people who use them remain safe.

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