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If your kid is injured in a sports league, can you sue?

Has your child been injured while playing in a sports league or participating in other community recreational activities? While your first reaction may be frustration, it is important to keep calm and determine what options you have. Children are very resilient, but severe injuries can lead to lifelong complications and sometimes ongoing medical treatments. Protecting your rights and the rights of your child is important to ensure that you will have what you need to deal with any medical problems your child may incur.

Personal injury lawsuits against a government entity

If you are walking on a sidewalk and suffer a fall or are a victim in a car accident due to a faulty signal, it may be obvious that the person liable for the injury is the government entity that was supposed to be maintaining the walkways and roadways. The question is, "Are you able to file a personal injury claim against a government entity?"

$11.6 million for families of those killed by drunk driver

A settlement in the amount of $11.6 million will be split among the family members of three people who were killed in a Pennsylvania drunk driving accident. This settlement is the result of a case against the local businesses that reportedly served the driver alcohol before he got into the accident. Five businesses were included in the initial complaint, as well as the person who was intended to be the driver's designated driver but did not end up doing so.

32-year old man faces trial after DWI accident

The Pennsylvania courts recently determined that a man accused of killing a fire chief while driving under the influence on April 27 will stand trial. The 32-year-old man faces charges for third-degree murder and vehicular homicide in addition to drunk driving. According to law enforcement personnel, the driver's blood-alcohol-content level registered .118 percent, above the maximum legal limit of .08 percent in the state. The courts also admitted evidence that the accused man has been previously convicted of two DUIs.

Civil trial to begin in Pennsylvania drunk driving homicide

Two people died as a result of an incident in which a man drove drunk into a motorcycle carrying a woman and her fiancé in June 2008, and authorities said at the time that the driver exhibited signs of intoxication at the scene of the accident and that he reportedly fled the accident and then later returned to the scene on foot. His blood alcohol content level was measured to be double the legal limit.

Disclosure requirements and chemical injuries caused by fracking

In February, Pennsylvania legislators passed a bill that changed natural gas drilling law. Part of that new law, called Act 13, allows doctors to ask gas drilling companies what chemicals they are pumping into the ground. Drilling companies must provide this information to those doctors. This was a requirement created to allow doctors to treat patients who could be suffering from illnesses caused by exposure to chemicals.

Gas drilling and public health

Gas drilling has experienced a tremendous surge in recent years. It has generated thousands of new jobs in an economy where unemployment is rampant. But is it safe? Many argue that it is, while others contend it is harmful to the public, particularly those living close to the drilling areas.

CBMC Investigating Lawsuit in Penn State University Sex Scandal

Attorney David S. Senoff, the Philadelphia-based partner in the Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C. law firm, released the following statement today on the similarities between the so-called Kids for Cash case in Luzerne County, PA and the Penn State University sex scandal. Senoff and the Caroselli Beachler firm currently represent more than 300 victims in the Kids for Cash civil case.

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