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Do not hesitate to seek legal assistance for medical malpractice

You could be a victim of medical malpractice and not even know it. Many medical malpractice issues are easy to detect and obvious to discover, such as a botched surgery or misdiagnosed ailment, but some issues are difficult to notice by their very nature. One common reason why you may not notice such medical malpractice is because the malpractice was a case of not noticing. Doctors are not perfect, and they can miss crucial health factors that indicate what you are truly suffering from.

Pennsylvania girl killed by undiagnosed medical issue

When we are suffering health issues, most of us visit our doctor to have our injuries or illnesses diagnosed. They are the experts after all, so why shouldn't we seek out their expertise to have our health issues treated? Unfortunately, doctors make mistakes just like everyone else, and since they are often responsible for people's lives and well-being, their mistakes usually have much more dire consequences. In the worst cases, these mistakes can lead to death.

Some doctors have objections to the use of spiral CT scans

Recent changes to Medicaid have made many long-term smokers in the state of Pennsylvania eligible for a yearly test with a new system called a spiral CT scan. However, there is a certain amount of resistance from some doctors and medical professionals, as they feel that the tests may lead to false positives and create a perception of problems where none exist.

Diagnosing coronary heart disease

Most Pennsylvania residents know that coronary heart disease can be potentially deadly; as such, a timely diagnosis is incredibly important. There are certain symptoms that may indicate that a person has coronary heart disease. For example, a person suffering from the disease may experience chest pain or shortness of breath when exercising, they may have an abnormal change in their heart rate or they may experience a change in their heart's rhythm or electrical activity.

The prevalence of diagnostic errors in radiology

The term "diagnostic error" is often used interchangeably with the term "misdiagnosis." The definition of a diagnostic error is a missed, delayed or wrong diagnosis that is later detected in a definitive finding or test. Many medical malpractice suits are filed because of the misinterpretation of radiographic images or not seeing abnormalities. With a prevalence of diagnostic errors in radiology, some patients in Pennsylvania might wish to seek second opinions.

Failure to diagnose breast cancer

Most Pennsylvania women are aware of how important it is to be checked out for breast cancer. However, the results of a study published in a medical journal on March 17 indicated that doctors may misinterpret up to 75 percent of breast cancer biopsies. This can potentially lead to both the under-treatment and over-treatment of the cancer.

Woman in coma after complications of ectopic pregnancy

Some Pennsylvania parents may be aware of a 12-week pregnant California woman who, after experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, slipped into a coma on Feb. 15 following surgery. She sought medical help a day earlier but was discharged with a prescription for pain meds. According to reports, the 36-year-old woman, who has seven other children, was seen at a local hospital for severe abdominal pain the previous day. After an ultrasound was performed in the emergency room, she was told that everything was normal, and she was released with a Percocet prescription. A short time later, her husband found his wife unconscious in the car as he returned to the vehicle after leaving the pharmacy.

Representing Pennsylvania victims of delayed diagnosis

Pennsylvania residents who receive late-term chronic illness diagnoses or whose loved ones died after heart attacks or strokes may suspect that their doctors should have diagnosed their symptoms much earlier. Timely diagnoses may be necessary to prevent diseases or medical emergencies from escalating and becoming more difficult or impossible to treat.

Pennsylvania stroke patient sues hospital for delayed diagnosis

A Pennsylvania couple recently filed a lawsuit against a hospital after staff allegedly failed to diagnose a stroke. The lawsuit claimed that as a result of the delayed diagnosis, the plaintiff continued to suffer problems with coordination in one of his hands, facial drooping and increased fatigue.

Attempts to fix a misdiagnosis

While this fact may be unsettling to people in Pennsylvania, the misdiagnosis of disease is a big problem in the healthcare field. Even though efforts to reduce the frequency of misdiagnosis have been increased, major problem areas have remained relatively unchanged, according to the founder of the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine. Any medical diagnosis that is wrong, missed or delayed but is later detected by a definitive test or finding, falls into the category of misdiagnosis.

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