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When rushing causes a traffic accident

We know that motor vehicle collisions happen for all sorts of reasons, whether they are brought on by poor road conditions (snow, ice, etc.) or a reckless driver's poor decision. However, any driver can find themselves in the middle of a motor vehicle accident and there are certain common behaviors that can greatly increase the chances of a crash. For example, someone who is rushing around because they have an appointment or need to get somewhere by a specific time may be far more likely to find themselves in a wreck.

Why face your child backward in a car seat?

While any type of motor vehicle accident can be devastating to all those involved, when a baby or toddler is in the vehicle the situation can become even emotional and sometimes tragic. Through the use of car seats, boosters, and safety harnesses, babies and young children have become safer while in the vehicle and at less of a risk of becoming injured during a motor vehicle accident.

Dash cams and car crash evidence

After a crash, many questions often arise for those involved. From determining who was responsible for the accident to evaluating the consequences of the crash, there are many facets of a collision that victims may need to go over. For some, dash cams are incredibly beneficial, since the footage from these devices can show exactly what took place on the road. If you were hit by a reckless driver and captured the incident on camera, you should carefully go over the footage you have.

Can obstructed vision lead to an accident?

Responsible drivers are aware of many different risk factors that can play a role in traffic collisions. Drunk driving, running through stop signs, failing to use turn signals, and speeding can all lead to accidents. However, there are additional risks that some drivers might not realize could affect their ability to safely operate a vehicle, such as obstructed vision. Drivers' vision can become obstructed in a myriad of ways and it is essential for victims of these crashes, like all other auto accidents, to thoroughly review their rights.

Bugs, food, and other distractions

People often realize that certain behaviors, such as using a cell phone while trying to drive, are incredibly dangerous and can lead to a motor vehicle collision. Our law firm knows that there are many other distractions that keep people from being able to focus on the road. In fact, some people become distracted by insects that they are scared of, such as spiders. Even though the idea of a car accident caused by a fear of spiders may sound silly to some, it is no laughing matter to those whose lives have been thrown off course as a result of the consequences that come with a crash, such as death, devastating injuries, medical bills, and other problems.

What are tripped and untripped rollovers?

When it comes to traffic collisions, people need to realize that there are all sorts of factors that can lead to a crash. Many are aware that drunk driving, speeding, and other behaviors are dangerous. However, some people in Pennsylvania neglect to keep these risks in mind when they are driving, or may not even be aware that certain actions are dangerous. For example, many lives are lost due to rollover accidents and there are different ways that rollovers take place.

Flu season and traffic collisions

Many different dangerous human behaviors can cause a car accident, such as speeding and driving under the influence. On the other hand, there are also factors out of a driver's control that could lead to a collision, such as inclement weather. It is important to bear in mind that some factors, such as the seasonal flu, can also play a role in traffic collisions. Our law firm knows how devastating these collisions are and we believe it is vital for those who are too sick to drive or suffering from any other condition that could affect their driving performance to stay off of the road in Allegheny and across all of Pennsylvania.

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