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What are the penalties for distracted driving?

As a Pennsylvania resident, you likely know the potential charges and penalties you may face for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. However, distracted driving is becoming a frequent problem as more smartphones and other personal electronic devices become essential for daily life. It is important to understand that there are state regulations that prohibit you from using a cellphone or tablet while you are behind the wheel. The penalties also change slightly if you are a truck driver.

Third-party liability is common in personal injury cases

When accidents happen in Pennsylvania and recovery from injuring is already underway, many accident victims find themselves wondering how they will manage the unexpected medical expenses and financial aftermath of their ordeals. One common action is to sue the alleged negligent party for damages. In many personal injury accidents, liability falls on multiple parties. There are even circumstances where the victims share some of the blame. 

Drowsy driving is as dangerous as driving under the influence

Drowsy driving is a serious problem in Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States. According to CNN, drowsy driving accounts for 20% of motor vehicle accidents, 25% of fatal crashes, 1,500 deaths and 40,000 injuries. In fact, staying awake for 20 hours or more may cause impairment similar to having a blood alcohol content level of 0.08%. One doctor explained that at this point, data processing and reflex speeds slow tremendously, just as when a person becomes drunk.

Don't let this summer chore turn gruesome

It may not be convenient to have the children home all day during the summer, but it does have its perks; from greater schedule flexibility to vacation time. Another is the kids being available to help more with chores, especially yard work. Perhaps one of their duties mowing the lawn.

New therapy approved for malignant pleural mesothelioma

The NovoTTF-100L System, combined with pemetrexed and platinum-based chemotherapy had recently been approved by the FDA for a front-line treatment option for patients who have unresectable, metastatic or locally advance malignant pleural mesothelioma. This marks the first treatment in 15 years for those who suffer from this condition. The FDA made its decision based on the findings from the single-arm STELLAR trial, which increased the median survival rate to just over 18 months when the treatment was combined with physical therapy.

What are the risks of riding a motorcycle instead of driving?

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most dangerous types of traffic accidents in America. Even when wearing a full bodysuit and helmet, you will not have the same level of protection as occupants of passenger vehicles. Because of this, broken bones, head injuries, neck injuries and other serious conditions are risks to consider.

Factors that affect alcohol levels

Most drivers in Pennsylvania know that driving under the influence of alcohol is a no-no, but many underestimate the amount of alcohol it takes to reach the legal limits. There are numerous factors that affect how alcohol metabolizes in the body, and a drink can affect one person way different than another one. This can result in people getting behind the wheel when they should not be driving. 

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