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Which features are important in motorcycle helmets?

If you're a new motorcyclist in Pittsburgh, you're probably excited to get on the road. Along with the fun and excitement, it's important for new riders to take the appropriate safety measures. Motorcyclists are at risk on the road when drivers fail to notice their presence, which is an all too common occurrence. That's why Esurance offers the following tips on finding a suitable helmet to protect you in the event of a crash. 

Understanding dram shop liability

Many in Pittsburgh may believe that their chances of encountering a drunk driver on the road are rare. This may come from an assumption that those who actually choose to drive while intoxicated are relatively few. They may think that reports of drunk driving arrests are not representative of the total population. Yet while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that while just over 1 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence in 2016, they also share data that suggests that number represents a mere one percent of the total number of American adults who admit to getting behind the wheel after drinking every year. 

Recovering from a motorcycle crash as a college student

Motorcycle accidents can shatter lives in countless ways, many of which have been addressed on this blog. Some victims are in unique situations, however, and the consequences of an accident can be especially damaging. For example, a college student who is struck by a negligent driver while riding a motorcycle may face a number of challenges in their life, and they may be unable to continue with their studies because of the accident. Even if they do not have to quit college, their grades may drop and they may have to take time off to recover from the accident.

Nockamixon Township motorcycle accident kills two

Some in Pittsburgh may view the task of motorcyclists and motorists sharing the road together as being a contentious battle between both sides. In reality, very few (if any) drivers harbor any ill will towards motorcyclists. Yet it is not the ill will of drivers that motorcyclists may fear; rather, it may be simple carelessness. Motorists may not fully appreciate how their actions behind the wheel can affect those traveling in nontraditional vehicles, instead only viewing what they do in the context of drivers like themselves. While a simple sudden turn or maneuver may not endanger other cars, trucks or SUVs on the road, it can be hazardous to motorcyclists whose presence they are not aware of. 

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