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Different ways a motorcycle crash can affect one’s career

When a motorcyclist is struck by a reckless driver or involved in a crash that occurs for any other reason (such as poor road conditions or inexperience), they may notice many changes in their lives. Not only do these accidents frequently result in physical pain, injuries, hospital bills and emotional trauma, but they can disrupt a victim’s life in other ways. For example, one’s career may be temporarily affected by the accident or permanently derailed due to an inability to walk. If you are recovering from a motorcycle wreck, it is crucial to understand how the consequences of the accident could potentially affect your career.

When you are hit by an underage drunk driver

Whenever someone gets behind the wheel while they are drunk, the consequences can be terrible. For some drivers, however, drunk driving can be especially dangerous, such as those who are under the age of 21. Underage drunk drivers may be especially likely to cause a crash because they are inexperienced with alcohol, or they have not spent very much time on the road and are inexperienced drivers. In some instances, they may be inexperienced in both regards. If you are ever hit by someone who was driving drunk, it is pivotal to stand up for yourself regardless of their age.

What is respondeat superior?

The accident expenses you could face following a collision with a semi-truck or other type of commercial vehicle in Pittsburgh can be enormous. They could even place you in the position of needing to seek compensation above and beyond what is available through insurance coverage. The question is who is ultimately liable: the trucker who hit you, or the company that employs them? 

Recovering from an on-the-job drunk driving accident

Every single day, reckless drivers show no regard for the safety of others by getting behind the wheel when they are intoxicated. Some people may exhibit this behavior while carrying out their job duties, such as those who struggle with an alcohol addiction. Moreover, a responsible driver may be struck by someone else who is under the influence while they are trying to drive for work-related purposes. Workplace accidents happen for many reasons, but those which involve an intoxicated driver can be especially devastating.

Avoid distracted driving as if your life depended on it

When you are behind the wheel, your full attention should be on the road. However, that does not stop plenty of people from looking elsewhere while driving, and sometimes, it can have fatal consequences. In 2016, 3,450 people lost their lives due to distracted driving, reveals the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

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