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Are bugs a problem for motorcyclists?

From making sure their bike is easily seen on Pennsylvania roads to choosing a strong helmet to protect their heads, motorcyclists have a lot to worry about to stay safe while riding. However, many riders are probably not aware that insects can also be a problem, perhaps even a serious one, for motorcycles and their riders. Bug encounters can range from annoying to potentially dangerous. 

If you are riding a motorcycle, one of the facts of life is that you are riding at a high enough speed that impacting a flying insect is bound to be a messy business. As Esurance points out, a large fly like a June bug could strike the face shield of your motorcycle helmet and cause a mess big enough to block some of your vision. Such an obstruction could make it hard to see approaching traffic, a turning lane or a physical obstacle.

As a bike rider, your body is exposed to the outside, so almost any part of your body is fair game to get hit by an insect. By themselves, insects are not big enough to cause any serious body injuries even if you hit one at driving speed. However, a bug with a hard shell could land a blow painful enough to distract you from your driving, which could lead to a possibly dangerous scenario. Bug strikes can become a bigger problem if you wear loose or thin clothing instead of full pants and a leather jacket.

Your insect problems are not confined to random encounters on the road. A motorcycle contains lots of little spaces that are ideal for bugs to climb into and make a home. Sometimes insects will also get into a person’s helmet. While this is not a widespread problem, some riders have had encounters with an insect or a spider that, having camped out on the bike while it was parked, will decide to crawl around the rider’s arms or legs while the rider navigates the streets. This can be unnerving and very distracting for the rider.

Dealing with unwanted insects only requires a few easy solutions. A check of your bike and helmet before you ride should be able to reveal any small hitchhikers. If you are concerned about insects hitting your face or your eyes, you can opt for a helmet that covers your full face. Also, if you are riding in a forested area, you can prepare yourself to pull over if your helmet gets hit by an insect or if there is an approaching mass of insects.

Keep in mind that this article is not written to provide any legal advice. It is only intended to inform readers about motorcycle accident topics.

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