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Misconceptions of machine safety

Work accidents occur every day, and in many cases, these employees are working with machinery. Though companies utilize machines to make work faster, easier and more efficient, the operation and maintenance of these machines often create dangers for those who must use them and can lead to on-the-job accidents.

In an effort to reduce such instances, there are regulations and rules in place to enhance safety. However, for a few reasons, they are not always as affective as possible. Check out a few of the biggest misconceptions about machine safety.

Proper use

Regular household appliances have specific instructions for operation to ensure the safety of the user. In the same way, employees must receive training on the proper use of the machines, especially heavy machinery. Proper training should not only consist of how to operate the machine, but also actions to avoid while operating the machine, and emergency protocol. Unfortunately, a lack of proper instruction or knowledge of machines continues to contribute to accidents.

OSHA compliance

Many misconceptions about work safety are resolvable by understanding what OSHA is and its purpose. Many people consider OSHA regulations to be suggestions rather than law. However, in 1970, the OSH Act became a legally binding requirement for employers to provide a safe working space for all employees. Though different aspects of the act continue to change as lawmakers strive to create safer environments, the ultimate intent remains the same, and employers must adjust their practices accordingly.

Safeguard requirements

All machines must meet specific safeguard requirements. New equipment may not fully meet the standards, especially if they come from outside the United States. On the other hand, older machines may need updates to meet current standards. Therefore, whether the machines are new or old, companies should take the time to make sure that the machines they utilize meet the set OSHA safeguard requirements. 

These are just a few of the main misconceptions about machine safety. Understanding and addressing these misconceptions can help in efforts to create a safer work environment.

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