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Misconceptions of machine safety

Work accidents occur every day, and in many cases, these employees are working with machinery. Though companies utilize machines to make work faster, easier and more efficient, the operation and maintenance of these machines often create dangers for those who must use them and can lead to on-the-job accidents.

Personal challenges and drunk driving

There are a number of reasons why some drivers get behind the wheel even though they are under the influence of alcohol. For example, some may forget that they are intoxicated, or they may not realize that their blood alcohol content level has exceeded the amount that is legally acceptable. Some drivers may operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol because they are struggling with alcohol addiction, and others may have personal problems they are going through which have resulted in an unusual amount of alcohol consumption.

Flying debris and large truck crashes

A lot of large truck wrecks happen because of high speeds, fatigue or the use of intoxicating substances. These are certainly not the only reasons why collisions involving large trucks take place, however. For example, a large truck may be hauling materials that are not secured properly, which can cause a large truck driver or someone riding in another vehicle to become hurt or lose control of their vehicle. When these types of accidents occur, those who fail to secure materials should be held accountable.

East Whitehead accident kills 2, puts 3 in hospital

The large trucks and commercial vehicles that people see driving in and around Pittsburgh may present several unique risks to others drivers. So unique, in fact, that a particular subsection of liability law has been created to deal primarily with the issues they present. When a large truck and a standard vehicle collide, it may not be difficult for one to imagine which vehicle (and which occupants) will get the worst of it. For this reason, truck drivers are expected to be especially careful in their operation of their vehicles. 

How many firetruck crashes happen per year?

If you drive a firetruck, you may worry about any number of on the job hazards. Responding to fires can be dangerous for many reasons, including the risk of a traffic accident. These crashes may occur because another driver fails to obey the rules of the road, whether they drive through a stop sign or operate a vehicle while drunk. Moreover, firetruck crashes can also leave people riding in other vehicles hurt and killed. Sadly, firetruck accidents have claimed many lives in recent years.

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