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The holiday rush causes workplace hazards

The holiday season means your company is rushing to maximize profits, but this desire to make profits may undermine your safety. According to the Harvard Business Review, occupational accidents are more common when employers face pressure to earn more, but earning expectations should not be more important than the wellbeing of workers. 

Speeding drivers and motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists face countless threats on the road, many of which have been covered in detail on our blog. In this blog, we will take a closer look at speeding and the different reasons why this behavior is so dangerous, especially when it comes to motorcycle accidents. Sadly, many drivers Pittsburgh and other parts of Pennsylvania frequently go over the speed limit and show no regard for the safety of motorcyclists (or anyone else on the road, for that matter).

Have large truck crash injuries increased?

When someone is behind the wheel, they may encounter many different hazards and could find themselves in a traffic crash for various reasons. Some accidents are relatively minor, but others can bring extremely significant consequences. Large truck crashes are especially concerning due to the sheer size of semis and other factors, such as trucker fatigue and difficulty slowing a large truck down. Moreover, data shows that in recent years, the number of people who have sustained injuries in large truck crashes has gone up.

Large truck wrecks at night

We have covered a number of topics related to truck accidents, from driver fatigue to poor maintenance. It is important to bear in mind that many other factors can play a role in the likelihood and severity of a large truck collision. For example, certain times of day may be more dangerous when it comes to traffic accidents involving large trucks. During the nighttime hours, a number of hazards may be present and an accident may be especially devastating due to low visibility and other factors.

How can I safely share the road with commercial trucks?

Driving on Pittsburgh roads can be even more of a challenge when large commercial vehicles are present. While it’s up to truck drivers to ensure they’re operating their vehicles safely, there are steps you can take to lower the risk of accidents occurring. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers the following tips in this case.

How does a car accident affect your insurance rates?

After getting into a motor vehicle accident, your first concern is probably getting medical assistance, if necessary. You also talk to the other driver to swap insurance information and call the auto shop to schedule repairs. Once you have done everything to handle the situation, you hopefully move on with no more to worry about.

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