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Can social media activity affect my workers’ comp claim?

If you find yourself suffering from an injury that occurred on the job, you may want to watch what you say and do online, especially in regards to social media. Though you may be in the habit of spending a certain amount of time on Facebook, Instagram or some other platform, your actions could have an impact on your Pittsburgh workers’ compensation claim. 

You could be wondering what your social media activities have to do with your claim. Though you are off work in recovery, there is a growing number of fraudulent claims. Workers’ compensation examiners are taking a closer look at claims. To prevent complications with your claim, consider the following pointers on social media activity and workers’ compensation benefits

Online activity can become incriminating 

Social media is becoming a powerful tool in fighting fraud. Investigators can use activity to track claimant actions and confirm whether a claim is fraudulent. Surveillance can occur in many ways. For example, online activity can be used to analyze physical movements, activities, statements and other data to gather incriminating evidence. Many people do not think twice about oversharing private and personal details about their lives. 

Depending on your injury, you could have physical restrictions that prevent you from exercising, traveling, and similar activities. Though there may be times when you feel you can safely and comfortably perform certain restricted activities, you should refrain from doing so until you have your doctor’s approval. If you do not and you share information, photos and other online activity that indicates your injury is not as severe as you claim it is or enough to substantiate your workers’ compensation claim, you could end up having your benefits reduced or rescinded altogether. 

Use discretion online 

It is a good idea for you to act as if you are always under surveillance. Do not make false/misleading statements in your claim or online. It is okay to share how your feel and photos of your injury, but you should make sure everything you do online coincides with the information in your claim.

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