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Phones and motorcycle accidents

Many people are addicted to their smartphones in the digital age, and this is especially concerning on the road. While many people realize how dangerous it is to drive a car or truck while using a phone, some people do not realize that phone use is very problematic when it comes to motorcycle accidents as well. Not only can a crash happen when someone operating a motorcycle uses his or her phone on the road, but an accident may also occur when a passenger is using a phone.

Inadequate truck maintenance and accidents

From fatigue to intoxication, large truck crashes happen for all sorts of reasons. Some factors, however, may not always receive as much attention even though they are a serious concern when it comes to traffic accidents. For example, inadequate truck maintenance is a major problem and has been linked to many fatal accidents over the years. In Pennsylvania, and states across the country, some trucking companies fail to inspect and maintain their trucks properly, and those responsible for a crash that causes the loss of life or debilitating injuries should be held accountable for innocent people whose lives have been turned upside down.

When you are struck by an intoxicated motorcyclist

Whether you drive a small car, a truck, ride a motorcycle or bicycle or regularly go for a walk, the road can be dangerous. Not only do you have to watch out for large vehicles, but other types of vehicles such as motorcycles can be dangerous as well. Even if you are driving a very large vehicle, such as a semi truck, you could be seriously hurt and adversely impacted in other ways in the event that you collide with a motorcycle. Motorcycle wrecks happen for many reasons, but some are the result of a motorcyclist's negligence, such as someone who is on the road while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Can social media activity affect my workers’ comp claim?

If you find yourself suffering from an injury that occurred on the job, you may want to watch what you say and do online, especially in regards to social media. Though you may be in the habit of spending a certain amount of time on Facebook, Instagram or some other platform, your actions could have an impact on your Pittsburgh workers’ compensation claim. 

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