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Driving a delivery truck can be dangerous

Workers in various fields face many risks on a daily basis. For some, such as those whose job responsibilities mostly consist of driving, work can be particularly hazardous. Delivery truck drivers may become injured due to lifting heavy objects and repeatedly bending over for long periods of time. However, driving a delivery truck can be risky in and of itself. Sadly, many delivery truck drivers have sustained serious injuries and some have even passed away due to accidents that took place while they were behind the wheel.

Distracted driving and large truck collisions

Large truck crashes happen for many reasons, including fatigue, the use of alcohol and prescription medication as well as speeding. However, distracted driving is especially concerning and has resulted in many large truck wrecks over the years. When someone who is driving a large truck becomes distracted, they may put many lives in danger, including their own. Sadly, this behavior continues to occur far too frequently on roadways across the country.

Mental trauma following a truck accident

The physical consequences of truck accidents can be incredibly difficult, whether someone suffers a severe laceration or a back or neck injury. However, many truck accident victims suffer brain injuries and these wrecks can also give rise to mental trauma that haunts victims in different ways. If you are struggling with any mental challenges after a collision that was caused by another driver’s careless behavior, you should stand up for your rights and know exactly which legal options you have.

Don't count on the trucker seeing your car

Pennsylvania drivers should always do a quick head check in addition to looking in their mirrors before changing lanes, turning or merging. For truck drivers, though, simply looking may not be enough. The Truckers Report notes that a semi-truck's blind spots are so large, even a careful truck operator could miss a smaller vehicle in the tractor-trailer's path.

Distracted driving and addiction

Distracted driving is nothing new, but the increasing prevalence of smartphones has given drivers new ways to take their eyes off the road. While it seems easy enough to put the smartphone down until the driver reaches the destination, many people have developed addictions to technology. Compulsive smartphone use and the rise of nomophobia, the fear of not having a cellphone, makes it difficult for many people to stay safe when behind the wheel. 

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