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Trucker fatigue and car crashes

Each day, people across the country rise early in the morning and head to work, where they will put in long hours to support themselves and those they love. Unfortunately, those who work excessive hours may experience a number of work-related setbacks, such as fatigue due to overtime or overnight shifts. When someone becomes overly fatigued, this can affect their life in all sorts of ways. In fact, it can increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle collision significantly. If you feel fatigued after work, it is important to be careful and avoid driving while you are too tired.

Garbage trucks and the risk of a collision

Collisions happen on the road in many ways, but some are more common than others. For example, an accident involving certain types of vehicles, such as a garbage truck, may not happen as frequently as other types of accidents. With that said, these accidents still pose a major risk to drivers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. On the road, it is pivotal to be aware of any hazards and some of the unique challenges associated with waste collection.

Wildlife and motorcycle accidents

We have gone over many of the different reasons why motorcycle crashes take place, whether a motorcyclist is hit by a drunk driver or finds themselves involved in an accident after slamming into a tree. However, there are less common types of motorcycle crashes that can be equally as dangerous. For example, a wild animal may dart across the road, causing a motorcyclist to either collide with the animal or fall down after swerving in an attempt to avoid the critter. As with all motorcycle wrecks, the consequences can be very tragic.

Losing a loved one in a motorcycle wreck

Motorcycle accidents can be incredibly hard for all sorts of reasons, from an emotional, physical, and financial perspective. While this is true for accidents that cause an injury, it is particularly true for those that result in the loss of a motorcyclist's life. Sadly, many people have had their entire family upended by the loss of someone they loved, causing grief that will be with them permanently. Moreover, other hardships may arise when someone in the family passes away, such as financial challenges brought on by funeral costs, hospital bills, or lost wages.

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