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Mechanical failure due to faulty truck fuel pump prompts recall

Each year, some unfortunate passenger car drivers in Pittsburgh find themselves involved in collisions with commercial trucks. Some of those individuals are not fortunate enough to survive their accidents. 

While many people may assume that the most common cause of truck accidents is driver negligence, sometimes the incidents are the result of poor maintenance and mechanical failure. 

Fuel pump recall 

A leading commercial vehicle manufacturer recently informed the trucking industry that it would replace defective fuel pumps on certain Kenworth and Peterbilt vehicles for free. According to the manufacturer, the fuel pumps could cause operational problems that result in a sudden loss of power, stalling during acceleration and sluggish response, all of which increase the potential for crashes. A faulty fuel pump can also create additional operational problems that are dependent on the condition of other truck parts and systems, as well as the vehicle’s repair history. 

How a faulty fuel pump can cause accidents

Because trucks require more time to move, truckers need more space to safely operate their vehicles. When other motorists fail to realize this and do not allow enough room between vehicles, their risk of accident and serious injury skyrocket.

In the event of fuel pump failure, truckers may not have many options to keep their vehicles from stalling and cutting off while they are driving. Semitruck operators who do not panic may be able to maneuver their vehicles to the side of the roads. Those who do panic may make mistakes that put passenger car drivers and motorcycle riders who are near them in jeopardy. For example, a trucker may attempt to maneuver his or her vehicle to the shoulder of the road, but the engine on the vehicle cuts off, leaving the truck obstructing traffic. Alternately, the trailer of the truck could tip over. 

When truck accidents occur due to mechanical failures and defects, victims may have the option to pursue compensation from truck drivers, the companies they work for and the manufacture of their vehicles and parts.

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