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Potential new treatments for mesothelioma

Workers in Pennsylvania who have been exposed to asbestos have a higher chance of developing mesothelioma, a serious type of cancer that is difficult to treat. Over the years, new drugs and other treatments have been developed to hopefully better diagnose and treat the disease.

What are tripped and untripped rollovers?

When it comes to traffic collisions, people need to realize that there are all sorts of factors that can lead to a crash. Many are aware that drunk driving, speeding, and other behaviors are dangerous. However, some people in Pennsylvania neglect to keep these risks in mind when they are driving, or may not even be aware that certain actions are dangerous. For example, many lives are lost due to rollover accidents and there are different ways that rollovers take place.

CDC report shows injuries to children are on the rise

The leading cause of death for children 0 to 19 years of age is unintentional injuries.  Each year these injuries continue to rise with over 12,000 a year dying from unintentional injuries and more than 9.2 million being seen in the emergency room each year. 

Changing careers due to a work injury

If you sustained an injury at work, a wide variety of challenges may be on the table. On the one hand, you could be going through physical pain or financial problems stemming from lost wages. Moreover, you could be struggling due to medical costs or other hardships associated with your accident. Our firm understands that some work-related injuries are so serious, injured workers are not able to recover enough to be able to return to their previous position. In some cases, they may never be able to work in a particular field again.

Flu season and traffic collisions

Many different dangerous human behaviors can cause a car accident, such as speeding and driving under the influence. On the other hand, there are also factors out of a driver's control that could lead to a collision, such as inclement weather. It is important to bear in mind that some factors, such as the seasonal flu, can also play a role in traffic collisions. Our law firm knows how devastating these collisions are and we believe it is vital for those who are too sick to drive or suffering from any other condition that could affect their driving performance to stay off of the road in Allegheny and across all of Pennsylvania.

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