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In an article posted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, thousands of injured workers statewide could receive more benefits after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down a key part of the workers' compensation law.

Understanding the role of workers' compensation

Going to work, earning a living and performing job-related tasks is an integral part of life for many Pennsylvanians each day. However, with the reward of receiving compensation and realizing career successes, many workers also face inherent risks that are simply part of the job. Workers' compensation is put into place to protect employees from potential injuries they may receive in job-related accidents.

Preventing electrical injuries on the job site

Although anyone in Pennsylvania could suffer an electrical burn, you may be in more danger if you work in the construction industry. While contact with electricity could be as mild as a shock from static build-up, it could also cause serious external burns and internal injuries, as well. At Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., we understand the many ways that workers should be protected from electrical hazards on the job site.

Responding to a lowball insurance settlement offer

When watching TV commercials, it seems insurance companies are falling all over themselves to pay full and fair claims to their policyholders. Here are some alternative facts. Whether it is a medical claim for a personal injury, a property claim after a damaging storm or an auto body repair claim after a car accident, insurance company will try to get a settlement as quickly as possible for the least amount possible. All too often, circumstances or financial issues cause claimants to immediately settle for the first offer presented to them.

What is workers' compensation?

Pennsylvania's workers' compensation system is set up to make sure that if you suffer a job-related injury or illness, you are not left without an income and means to pay for medical care. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry explains that the money for this comes from benefits paid by the insurance carrier who provides your employer's workers' compensation policy.

Fender-benders: Little accidents, big pain

We all know the joke: A driver taps the rear bumper of the next car in line at a red light and someone hops out of the back seat holding his "sore" neck. Insurance claim scam? In some cases, yes. But the reality is that minor fender -bender accidents can really result in serious muscular injuries to the upper back and neck. While it has usually been difficult to prove the injury in court, medical science now knows why whiplash can result in chronic pain and long-term immobility.

Are you at a higher risk of occupational exposure to asbestos?

Despite the long-known risks of asbestos exposure, workers across Pennsylvania have been and continue to be at risk for toxic exposure. With or without their knowledge, people in certain occupations come into contact with asbestos more often than others.

If your kid is injured in a sports league, can you sue?

Has your child been injured while playing in a sports league or participating in other community recreational activities? While your first reaction may be frustration, it is important to keep calm and determine what options you have. Children are very resilient, but severe injuries can lead to lifelong complications and sometimes ongoing medical treatments. Protecting your rights and the rights of your child is important to ensure that you will have what you need to deal with any medical problems your child may incur.

Personal injury lawsuits against a government entity

If you are walking on a sidewalk and suffer a fall or are a victim in a car accident due to a faulty signal, it may be obvious that the person liable for the injury is the government entity that was supposed to be maintaining the walkways and roadways. The question is, "Are you able to file a personal injury claim against a government entity?"

Filing a product liability claim against a company

Whether it is contaminated over-the-counter medication or a faulty swing set, personal injuries caused by defective and dangerous products can lead to large medical bills and other costly expenses. When filing a personal injury claim for damages suffered as a result of a product, there are a few important pieces of information necessary to ensure you have he best chance of getting the financial settlement you are entitled to. 

Hotel guest injuries: Who is liable?

If you have been injured during your hotel stay, you may be wondering how you are going to take care of the medical bills and other expenses that may occur as a result of your accident. Depending on the circumstances in which your injury occurred, you may be able to file a premises liability personal injury claim for compensation.

Dangerous parking lots and ramps

With low posted speeds in garages and parking lots, many drivers are given a false sense of security while traveling in these areas. The startling statistics released by the National Safety Council are that more than 60,000 people are injured, and 500 are killed in more than 50,000 accidents that occur in garages and parking lots across America in a typical year. In fact, one in five accidents nationally will take place in a parking lot.

Industrial machinery: A leading cause of workplace fatalites

Labor studies have shown an increase in worker related fatalities caused when employees are caught in industrial machinery. Across all industries, more than 150 workers a year are killed by being caught in machinery and equipment. In addition, more 30,000 workers suffered injuries ranging from minor bruises and lacerations, to amputations. In fact being caught in machinery was the number one cause of worker amputation in private sector business.

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