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Hospital errors you may not know about

Residents of Pittsburgh rightly place a lot of trust in the local health care systems. Most of the time, our hospitals and medical care facilities perform admirably if not above expectations. However, mistakes can still happen and it is in your best interests to know the risks before you or a loved one receives care.

Thanks to the media, most people already know about some of the more common errors such as medication errors or treating the wrong patient. Failure to diagnose accurately or timely is another well-known mistake. In an attempt to keep you informed about the risks, here are some of the lesser-known mistakes that can occur in a hospital.

Wakefulness in surgery: Occasionally, patients may not be given enough anesthesia resulting in a state of brain wakefulness during a procedure. This means that you are fully aware of what is happening to you but may not be able to speak or move.

ER waiting time: Most of the time high priority cases go first. The emergency room staff is typically good at making these distinctions. However, sometimes the wait is too long resulting in loss of life or limb.

Air bubbles: After a chest tube is removed, you have a risk of air bubbles entering your blood stream if the care giver has not sealed the wound correctly. This can be a life-threatening event.

Medical tubing: Unfortunately, many of the tubes you see in IVs or equipment look very much alike. Occasionally, a doctor or a nurse may connect the wrong tube to an IV, introducing a life-threatening substance into the patient's blood.

Before you or a family member undergo a surgical procedure, it is a good idea to talk with the staff about these risks. This can serve as a reminder for them to exercise caution and can give you a boost of confidence about your procedure. If you have already suffered a hospital or doctor error, please browse our website to see if you have a medical malpractice case.

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