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Will people soon be able to buy fireworks in Pennsylvania?

For the last 77 years, Pennsylvanians have been prohibited from buying fireworks in the state. Now, Senator Don White has sponsored Senate Bill 1055, which would allow people to buy fireworks in the state.

Residents on private property would also be permitted to shoot off fireworks. That is only permissible right now if the city they live in allows it. The bill also has a lot of opposition, especially from medical organizations and emergency response services. The Pennsylvania Fire and Emergency Institute's executive director said, "Fireworks are too dangerous and their use should not be expanded."

The opposition from emergency services personnel is in spite of the fact that higher licensing fees for the sale of fireworks and new taxes on the fireworks themselves would be used to pour more money into emergency services.

The legislators heard testimony from various people who spoke about the statistics from across the nation about injuries and deaths due to fireworks. One man from an out-of-state fireworks company, though, testified that even though there has been a marked increase in fireworks' sales, the number of injuries has stayed about the same.

The majority of the Pennsylvania Pyrotechnics Association's members and board oppose the bill. One man, who was speaking for the board, said, "Senate Bill 1055, however, goes overboard, allowing people to shoot aerial consumer fireworks at virtually any place, any time, without any consideration for safety."

Proponents of the bill, though, do seem willing to change some provisions of the bill, but still support removing the legislation that bars Pennsylvanians from buying their fireworks in the state.

When someone is injured due to another person's negligent actions with fireworks, the victim has a right to seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, disfigurement and more. You can learn more from an attorney about the process for seeking such compensation.

Source:, "Making it legal to buy Roman candles and other fireworks in Pa.? Oh my," Jan Murphy, Feb. 01, 2016

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