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When rehospitalization occurs after traumatic brain injuries

A study that took place in 1999 looked at the number of rehospitalizations after one suffers a serious brain injury and why re-admittance to a hospital occurred. This information could be relevant to those in Pennsylvania who have suffered a brain injury or their families, life care planners, researchers and health care providers.

The results indicated that 20 percent of people who suffered from a traumatic brain injury were rehospitalized each year. Half of the rehospitalizations were for elective surgeries, but the other cases were for nonelective procedures that involved nervous system disorders, mental disorders, seizures and infections. The amount of people who returned to the hospital for nonelective reasons increased every year after a TBI took place, and patients frequently returned due to mental health problems and seizures.

The most frequent causes of hospitalization after a TBI were reconstructive or orthopedic surgery, general health maintenance and infection care, and infections could be classified as elective or nonelective depending on the circumstances. Common reasons for elective rehospitalization included bone and joint surgery, infections and reconstructive surgery.

Researchers conducted this study by gathering information from 655 people who had TBIs at inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and they gathered data about the participants' injuries, rehospitalization, recoveries and payer sources. Information was obtained from medical records and interviews with a participant or a participant's significant other.

A concussion is classified as a minor form of traumatic brain injury, but major or minor head injuries could all result in long-term injuries or disabilities. When a medical practitioner fails to diagnose one correctly or provide proper instructions, a patient could take longer to heal or develop a worsened condition. When this occurs, one may be entitled to compensation for a physician's negligence, and this could help with medical expenses.

Source: Brain Injury Association of America , "Rehospitalization Rates: 20% for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries", December 10, 2014

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