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Malpractice suits may lead to changes in medical community

Pennsylvania residents may be interested to learn that some medical malpractice lawsuits may be the driving force for making some needed changes in the country's health care system. Although some reforms have resulted in better patient safety, some hospitals and associations are reluctant to make changes.

Hospital fined for surgical sponge left in patient

Pennsylvania residents may have heard that a California woman recently learned that her years of pain and suffering and repeated hospital visits were the result of surgical errors made when she underwent a routine hysterectomy procedure in 2007. A few days after surgery and again twelve months later, the woman returned to the hospital. In both instances, the actual cause of her distress was never diagnosed.

Addiction a serious problem amongst doctors

Pharmaceutical abuse and the use of illegal narcotics is not uncommon in Pennsylvania or anywhere else, and people in responsible positions, such as doctors, can also fall prey to addiction. However, the trust invested in them means that such professionals have the potential to do terrible harm through medication errors and other drug-induced misjudgments.

Victims awarded in medical malpractice claim

Pennsylvania readers may be interested in a recent judgment of $14.5 million that was awarded to a mother and her son who were ruled victims of medical malpractice at a hospital in Ohio. During delivery, the boy suffered a birth injury and now suffers from cerebral palsy. This disorder left him with physical limitations, such as cognitive delays, visual impairments and other problems, and reports say that his disability will require constant care over his life.

Diabetes could cause heart attacks in undiagnosed patients

Pennsylvania residents may want to know that a new American Heart Association study shows that 10 percent of individuals who have heart attacks are undiagnosed diabetics. The research analyzed the health details of 2,854 patients in 24 hospitals in the United States who had heart attacks and did not know that they were diabetics.

Hospitalized patients can reduce the risk of medical errors

At some point in their lives, some Pennsylvania residents may need to undergo a surgical procedure. While most know that there are associated risks with major surgery, even minor or routine procedures may put patients at risk for complications and injuries. However, there are ways that patients can protect themselves.

Doctors defy CDC, prescribe antibiotics for acute bronchitis

Did you know that over the last 40 years, there has been extensive evidence that shows no antibiotic prescription should be ordered when a patient has acute bronchitis? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been stressing this point for at least the past 15 years, and yet a new study has found that relatively few doctors follow such a protocol.

Surgical error leads to lost kidney, family suffers as a result

Imagine one of your family members has a failing kidney, and you are determined to help in any way possible. You offer to give one of your kidneys to your family member. When the two of you go in to the hospital, it is determined that your kidney is a perfect match for your sick family member. This is fantastic news. The kidney will last a long time and likely provide your family member with a healthier life than a kidney that is a less suitable match.

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