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Hospital secrets can lead to serious consequences

Pittsburgh residents may want to take extra precaution the next time they spend time in a hospital. According to some experts, hospitals aren't always as safe and sterile as patients expect them to be. There are some secrets and errors that are common to many hospitals. While experienced medical malpractice attorneys are familiar with these secrets, very few patients ever know that these mistakes happen. Nonetheless, there are steps patients can take to protect themselves.

One of the most dangerous transgressions is a mistake involving medications. Health care experts state that medication errors happen frequently and, in serious cases, can lead to a patient's death. Patient's can protect themselves by asking doctors and nurses to specify what drugs they're prescribing and why. Patients can also choose to use hospitals that incorporate bedside drug scanning as a measure of protection.

Other hospital secrets include a lack of confidentiality when it comes to medical records. In today's digital age, medical records are often kept electronically and are readily available to a large number of people. Another secret is that student doctors aren't always distinguishable from experienced doctors. Experts say patients can and should ask what a person's role is if they're unsure. Finally, it is possible that patients don't receive personalized care. Experts say that since many nursing staffs are stretched thin, they often have to care for a large number of patients.

Many of these secrets may not have serious consequences. However, it is possible that medication mix-up, a student doctor or even an overworked nurse could cause an error that leads to injury, illness or death. Individuals who have suffered due to medical malpractice may be able to file for damages to cover expenses related to their injury. An attorney with medical malpractice experience could examine their case and prepare an argument in order to receive a fair settlement on their behalf.

Source: FOX News, "8 secrets your hospital keeps", Cindy Kuzma, September 29, 2013

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