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Times and dates may be factors in surgical errors

Studies and folklore both claim that surgical errors are not as random as one would think. According to popular legends and medical malpractice attorneys, there are specific times and dates to avoid having a surgery. From astrologers to scientists, professionals in different fields agree that the calendar should be taken into context when one is planning a serious operation.

Traditional texts claim that people with certain astrological signs should not have surgery on a ruling body part while the moon is in their house. For instance, those who are Leos, born from July 23 to Aug. 23, are apparently ruled by their heart. Ancient astrologers believed that surgery on the heart while the moon is in Leo could result in serious injury or may even be fatal.

More modern lore states that July is the worst time for a surgery, as former interns become resident doctors, and their inexperience could lead to medical errors. A shocking statistic apparently says those who have surgery on a public holiday are more likely to have complications or even pass away than those being operated on any other day. Timing is also a factor; studies have shown that a surgery performed late at night has a greater risk because the practitioner may be fatigued from working all day.

Unfortunately, surgical errors are not limited to certain dates and times. States like Pennsylvania have seen medical negligence even with advancements in technology. If you have been injured in a surgery, a skilled attorney could be capable of taking your case to court to achieve the proper compensation. You may be able to receive a monetary settlement for your hospital bills and the corrective procedure for your injury.

Source: The Atlantic, "The Worst Time to Have Surgery." James Hamblin, June 19, 2013, "Medical Astrology and Astrological Medicine," Peter Morrell, August 1999

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