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Spinal injury prevention begins by buckling up

Pittsburgh readers may have heard troubling statistics about the likelihood of being involving in a motor vehicle accident at least one in a person's lifetime. A corollary statistic involves the frequency at which such crashes may result in spinal cord injury. According to recent data, nearly 13 percent of car crashes result in severe spinal injury, often implicating paralysis.

Even under the most stringent disability definition, it can be easy to see why a spinal cord injury victim might qualify for disability assistance, such as Social Security disability insurance. SSDI payments are intended to sustain disabled workers suffering from an impairment that makes work impossible for a protected period of 12 months or more. Without the use of limbs, such as in cases of paralysis, paraplegia or even quadriplegia, many types of work duties can be impossible to perform.

Although doctors have not yet discovered how to repair many kinds of damaged nerve tissue, remarkable advances in biotechnology are increasing the options available to spinal cord injury victims. Some options involve bypassing the spinal cord with a device that connects brain signals directly to different areas of the body. Other technology involves prosthetic technology, also operated by brain signals.

Although individuals may not be able to protect against all unforeseen accidents, simple measures like wearing a seatbelt can greatly improve a person's of sustaining fewer or less serious injuries. Technology like air bags also has demonstrated results.

Car safety can't be overemphasized. Another recently published study revealed that over one-third of a pool of over 20,000 drivers, surveyed in an eight-year period, weren't wearing seat belts at the time they were involved in a car crash.

Source:, "Family health: Spinal cord injuries change lives in drastic ways," Renee Redler, June 18, 2013

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