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Local physician charged with indecent assault and harassment

A local physician, Raja Chakrapini, was charged with indecent assault and harassment after two of his female patients accused him of inappropriately touching them. Allegheny County police warned that there may be other victims after filing charges on Tuesday.

Lawsuit seeks to hold casino liable for home invasion robbery

When most people envision premises liability-related lawsuits, they naturally think of serious personal injuries sustained in slip-and-fall accidents, or otherwise caused by hazardous conditions found on the premises of venues open to the general public. While this is certainly accurate, it's important to understand that these cases can sometimes cover more unique issues.

Medical errors caused by doctors' blind faith in methods

Recent studies overseen by a doctor from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have shown that many physicians continue to use disproven methods, measurements and invasive or surgical techniques. The NIH team scoured over 10 years of issues reported by the New England Journal of Medicine looking for articles that showed practices that either did not work as intended or actually harmed patients.

Multiple people suffer injuries at popular Midwest theme park

In our previous post, we discussed how investigators are continuing to search for clues in the wake of a fatal accident at a popular Texas amusement park in which a patron was thrown from a rollercoaster, and how amusement parks in general may not be quite as safe as certain parties would have you believe.

$1 million settlement in Pennsylvania malpractice case

A settlement has been reported in the lawsuit filed by medical malpractice attorneys on behalf of the family of a Pennsylvania man who died several weeks after undergoing surgery in 2008. Insurers will pay out $1 million to resolve the case, although, the doctors and hospital involved have not admitted any liability.

Roller coaster tragedy raises questions about theme park safety

It's no secret that amusement parks have always been one of the more popular summer destinations for both young people and families looking for a day of fun. However, many would-be amusement park patrons are likely considering alternative arrangements following the death of a patron at a popular amusement park last week.

Misdiagnosis of common diseases may harm Pennsylvania residents

Due to medical errors, including misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis, approximately 100,000 people die each year from preventable diseases. Some of these deaths may be the result of a patient failing to seek timely medical attention or not completely and accurately explaining their symptoms. However, in a startling number of cases, medical malpractice attorneys are obtaining judgments and financial settlements from physicians for failure to diagnose and treat common illnesses.

Woman declared dead awakes before her organs are harvested

Due to the possibility of improper organ transplants, residents of Pennsylvania should think twice before signing up to become organ donors at the DMV. In an incredible story of medical malpractice, a woman in Syracuse, NY awoke to discover doctors getting ready to harvest her organs. Although the woman's heart was still beating, careless surgeons falsely pronounced her dead and claimed that she had suffered from a cardiopulmonary arrest.

Preventable medical mistakes

Preventable medical mistakes are far more common than most patients realize. A 2012 study from Johns Hopkins University estimates that approximately 11 preventable surgical errors occur every day in hospitals throughout the nation. Surgical mistakes are just the tip of the iceberg according to the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, a public reporting initiative that uses national performance measures to review hospital competencies.

Five injured following wellpad explosion

Pennsylvania residents understand the importance of construction jobs but also know that they pose some dangers and hazards for employees. When an accident occurs on-the-job, those affected may need medical attention. When a worker suffers serious workplace injuries they may need to take time off from work to properly heal and recover. This makes the benefit of workers' compensation especially important because they may be out of work for a while and they could recover lost wages to help bridge the gap until they can return to work.

Coal companies required to pay BLBA benefits to widows

Survivors' benefits can be paid to widows of deceased coal miners because of health care reform changes that have been enacted. Pittsburgh workers' compensation attorneys will find that the 4th Circuit ruling opens the doors to assist those spouses and children surviving area coal miners who have succumbed to pneumoconiosis, also known as black lung disease. Although their initial claims were denied, two women filed new claims after the 2010 enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The success of their effort provides hope to additional coal mining families.

Pennsylvania boy escapes alleged sex abuser at YMCA

Parents cannot be with children during every moment of the day. The older a child becomes, the more freedom a son or daughter usually has to be away from adult supervision. Sexual predators often monitor children's activities and wait for opportunities to isolate them.

Higher rate of complications found from emergency surgery

According to a study, emergency gallbladder surgery has been found to carry with it a higher risk of complications than planned surgery. The results of the study, carried out at a large U.S. hospital, could apply to any state, including Pennsylvania.

Bair Hugger Forced Air Warming Devices Linked to Infections

There has been considerable debate in the medical and biotechnology communities about patient safety and whether forced-air warming systems can disrupt operating room airflow resulting in airborne contaminants that can lead to surgical infections. Until recently, little was known about patient safety and the risk of infection during when using Forced Air Warming devices. Patients undergoing prosthetic and deep joint surgery (hip replacement, knee replacement, etc.) must maintain an ideal core body temperature during the surgery. And while patient warming devices and equipment are critical to preventing mild hypothermia during hip, knee, or joint replacement surgery, Forced Air Warming Devices are suspected of increasing infection risk to those patients.

Pennsylvania Senate passes law protecting physicians

Pennsylvania may become the 37th state to enact what's informally known as an "I'm sorry" law. Such a law would allow doctors to apologize to their patients without their words constituting an admission of negligence should a patient later sue the doctor for malpractice. In a unanimous block, the Pennsylvania state Senate voted to approve the bill. The House Judiciary Committee followed suit on June 28. The bill still must be voted on and passed by the full House before it can become law. That may not happen before the summer break.

Officials investigate workplace accident in Pennsylvania

An accident at the Tracy Lynne coal mine in western Pennsylvania has injured two workers. Officials say two people sustained injuries in a workplace accident at the mine in late June. Mining operations were shut down as workplace safety officials from federal and state agencies were on site to investigate the cause of the accident, which occurred when a four-foot section of rock fell from a support pillar on the ceiling. One worker sustained a back injury; the other received injuries to the knee. It is unknown whether the injured workers have retained workers' compensation attorneys to represent them in the accident.

Strokes and PTSD

Strokes and mini-strokes, although tragic, are fairly common occurrences. Approximately 800,000 people suffer from a stroke every year. While many of those individuals are over the age of 65, people of all ages are susceptible to stroke. In fact, the UPMC Stroke Institute alone deals with more than 2000 documented stroke cases every year. Those statistics aside, residents of the Pittsburgh area may be particularly susceptible to strokes based on the region's above-average obesity rates. The American Heart Association identifies obesity as a risk factor for the leading cause of stroke - high blood pressure. Excess body weight alone is enough to put an individual at an increased risk for high blood pressure, but obesity may also lead to sleep apnea and diabetes, both conditions increase that risk.

Spinal injury prevention begins by buckling up

Pittsburgh readers may have heard troubling statistics about the likelihood of being involving in a motor vehicle accident at least one in a person's lifetime. A corollary statistic involves the frequency at which such crashes may result in spinal cord injury. According to recent data, nearly 13 percent of car crashes result in severe spinal injury, often implicating paralysis.

Pennsylvania 'benevolent-gesture' bill moves forward

A revised version of a malpractice bill that was rejected in 2011 by Pennsylvania legislators was passed unanimously on June 25 by the state Senate and the House Judiciary Committee. The bill still needs a vote on the house floor. Bill 379, also known as "benevolent-gesture" legislation, would prohibit empathetic statements like condolences and apologies from being used against medical professionals in court. Laws similar to Bill 379 have passed in 36 states, Guam and the District of Columbia.

Second boy charges accused Pennsylvania kidnapper with abuse

Allegations of sexual misconduct often set off a chain reaction. Sexual abuse survivors who never felt confident enough to bring a lone complaint against an attacker are encouraged to speak up when other victims make claims.

Construction worker at Wal-Mart worksite suffers burns

Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. A tragic accident can occur whether a person is driving, walking or at work. Some work environments can be very hazardous and can lead to serious injuries. Although employers seek to keep risks low in dangerous occupations, accidents can still occur. On-the-job injuries may cause the employee an immense amount of pain and may require a lengthy recovery.

Man seeks medical malpractice attorneys in mom's death

A man is suing a Pennsylvania hospital because he claims that a fault in their digital health records system caused his mother's death. He had taken his mother to the hospital because she was showing symptoms of a stroke. After the facility admitted her, the man, who is a doctor, checked the hospital's digital records to confirm that her necessary heart medication was listed. It was; however, when she began to have heart problems, he double checked the chart and was shocked to see the medication had been removed. She ended up having emergency surgery because of blood clotting but died anyway.

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